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  1. 20 hours ago, Samusa said:

    This is really interesting!.. are you using the same plaster cloth they used to set broken bones with? :)


    This is a plaster cloth, but it is made for miniatures.  I suppose the two may be similar - hadn't thought about it. I got it from Woodland Scenics. They have tutorials and videos and lots of help on landscaping.  I love their stuff. 

  2. On 7/20/2016, 9:02:33, Elsbeth said:

    I love the painters! What did you use for the roof?! It looks very interesting - a patterned paper?

    Actually, the roof was strip of 1:144 scale wallpaper I had with me! This house had to be "finished" before I left my job site to go back home, and I thought that pattern looked good enough for roofing in the tiny scale. 

  3. 19 hours ago, Justmilt said:

    Now this is just the thing that makes me wonder why I build.  How creative, you have done a beautiful job.  I can copy but am not this creative. As Sable has said, I copy again, "love the mountain ledge."  In fact I love the model. 

    Feel free to copy!  Go through the videos on the Woodland Scenics website. You will get very inspired, and their directions are very easy to follow! 

  4. This piece of driftwood has been in my stash for several years. I keep pulling it out, and putting it back. It looks like layered rock. When I started this project - it was just right! That cabin was an afterthought. :)  Been looking at it again this afternoon, and methinks a small waterfall and deep pool would fit just fine to the right of the cabin. After all, this fellow needs his own water supply, uncontaminated by tourists!

  5. Someone was offering it for sale in a Facebook group, and she listed it as a Garfield - a house I've wanted for a long time. So I said I would take it. Then someone commented on the picture, pointing out it was a Beacon Hill, not the Garfield. But I had already committed myself so I said I would still take it. I like the Beacon Hill also, though it's not my first love. 

  6. Good job on the plexiglass. I got an acrylic sheet from Hobby Lobby for a cover for my Appleby Cottage, but I just tacked it on with glue dots. On rehabbing an old house I didn't want to drill holes in the original framework, and didn't have any chanell moulding to use, so I just used the dots. But they are not holding. I've been called to the Hobby Hall twice to fix it. :( 

    While I was there one evening a family with several small children was near the dollhouse display but the adults were looking towards something else. One little boy, about 3, ducked under the fencing and got right up to the dollhouse (not mine) which did not have a cover over it. Fortunately his mother saw him quickly and grabbed him back. But he only needed about 30 more seconds to start grabbing things out of the house. Our entry forms tell us to cover the houses, but I'm the only one that did. 

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