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  1. macduff

    GC 056

    The floors look fantastic! I can't wait to see more!
  2. macduff


    Your farmhouse turned out great! I especially love the bright and cheery kitchen! I also love the stocked pantry!
  3. macduff


    Cute bathroom! I love the yellow!
  4. macduff

    Dining 2.jpg

    I love the French doors!
  5. macduff

    Whole house

    I love the way your farmhouse turned out! It is beautiful! I really like your pantry in the kitchen - so clever.
  6. macduff


    The house is really coming along nicely! I really like the furniture placement in the kitchen. Can't wait to see more!
  7. macduff

    My daughter's Apple Blossom

    Santa brought my daughter this dollhouse - he left the building instructions with me. I've been working furiously under my daughter's supervision. All color choices and interior decor are her decision.
  8. macduff


    From the album: My daughter's Apple Blossom

    The finished house!
  9. macduff

    Farmhouse kitchen

    Hi Judith, It is the Duracraft 505, however it's not the original location of the kitchen. I used what I believe is supposed to be the living room as the kitchen. There is a fireplace opening in this room which I covered with the beadboard. I think the kitchen is supposed to be in the room I'm using as the bathroom, although I made the bathroom a bit narrower. Have fun with your build!
  10. macduff

    Kitchen sink

    This sink is fantastic! I'm with Deb - I'd love some more detail on how you did this. It looks amazing! Can't wait for the next picture!
  11. macduff

    crackle finish experiment

    crackle finish on headboard
  12. macduff


    Photos of my Newport
  13. macduff


    From the album: Newport

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