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  1. Sylvanian Families/Calico Critters are 3/4” scale. It falls between 1/12 and 1/24. I use vintage 3/4 “ scale furniture and the plastic Sylvanian Familes and Calico Critters furniture. I tried using a 1/24 scale house, but it was a bit too small. I use a 1/12 house, which is a bit bigger, but more room is better than a too small room.
  2. Nothing was installed on the inside doors. The house shipped taped shut.
  3. I purchased the Winchester from Lawbre many years ago when my daughter was in high school, she is 33 now. The exterior was finished, but the interior is unfinished. I read through your posts and enjoyed it very much. I have been inspired to maybe get to finishing the interior. could you please let me know how to close the side panels, I use painters tape. Thank you. Stephanie
  4. I had a Dremel scroll saw. My former brother in law used it and burned out the motor. I used it for miniatures and also for cutting out Christmas ornaments. It handles curves very nicely. Some day I'll buy a regular size scroll saw and just used finer blades. I currently use an old Black and Decker jig saw. It's okay.
  5. I don't have the Lisa Kay, but I did buy a HTJB Little Bit kit. The foundation is glued and nailed together first and then the first floor is glued and nailed to the foundation. After that the walls and the 2nd and third floors. I have only finished the foundation and tonight I will glue the first floor on to the foundation. The kit doesn't come with finishing nails so I am using carpenter's glue and painter's tape. The glue joint is stronger than the wood. If you use nails, you will need to pre drill so you don't crack the wood. Stephanie
  6. Original flyer for Amberwood.Jackie Dieber Dollhouse Shell.pdfJackie Dieber Dollhouse Shell.pdf
  7. RGT 4-story miniature showcase assembled shell mfd, includes trim, shingles and plexiglass and Jackie Dieber Big Vic 1/2" plywood shell, mansard roof, siding applied and electric tape applied. Pick up only east bay San Francisco only. Stephanie
  8. Hi, I just joined, but I did assemble the RGT 4 story display and it is made of mdf. MDF off gases and has a funny smell. I have hayfever. The smell gave me a headache and brought on a hayfever attach. I'm allergic to it and I ended up moving the display case out of my house into my craft house. This could just be me. Stephanie
  9. Hi, My name is Stephanie and I just found this site a week ago and signed up. I was into miniatures many years ago and fell out of it. I am back again. I made 1 dollhouse about 30+ years ago and gave it to my niece since I didn't like the materials (glue together wood pieces for siding and masonite floors) and the way it was constructed. I have a Jackie Dieber farmhouse - completed, a RGT Adirondack cabin - Quick Build completed & unfurnished, a Walmer Tiffany that is being refurbished (removing wallpaper, interior walls, etc), a 1/2 scale RGT farmhouse being repaired (my daughter dropped it or it fell off the file cabinet) and a Lawbre Victorian- only outside finished and a Japanese teahouse-completed. I just purchased a HTJB kit and I hope that I will be able to complete it. I have a plywood Jackie Bieber Big Victorian that I bought years ago, which only has the siding and electric tape applied and a RGT 4 story display case. I am planning on disposing of the last two. Since I don't like putting houses together, I try to buy it as a shell or with the outside finished. I only assembled the Quick Build.Adirondack cabin and the rest were purchased in various stages. The HTJB kit will be my second attempt, I don't mind wallpaper, flooring carpet, wiring etc. I just didn't like the build process. I like assembling furniture kits. I am hoping to get inspired and tips on construction. After reading this post, I don't think I need any more dollhouses. Stephanie
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