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    Close up of the desk

    I like how messy....now I don't feel like a complete slob when I see my own computer desk.
  2. Thanks Jo Med! I will check.
  3. Thanks for your tips. I'll be there May 9-22. Not sure I can get to the big show in Kensington but, I will try and get more info. Thanks again!
  4. For those of you in England, I will be traveling to the UK, Northamptonshire region next month and was wondering if there are any dollhouse shops in that area? I'll be staying in a little town called Thrapston. Thanks! Pam
  5. I'm not sure what the scale of these are but, they're waay cool! http://web.mac.com/joefig2000/www.joefig.c...tures.html#grid
  6. Wow!! Doesn't even look like the Newberg! Great job!!! Pam
  7. I will have to try that. Esp the one with pages.
  8. PCakes


    Great job! You really have a way with scale and proportion. I've always wanted the Bayberry...too bad they don't make it anymore (not that I have room for it anyway).
  9. ??You made 50 books??!!! Wow!! How hard is it to make the books? BTW the shelves look great! Good idea.
  10. I'll be up there at Christmas time, hopefully they'll have some sales.
  11. Cool Beans! Thanks for posting!
  12. Well, I missed out on getting the Holly Ann...must have been divine providence cause I sure was gonna charge it!
  13. Sweet Deal Megan!!! Gotta love Craigslist!!! :lol:
  14. Thanks for the heads up Steve! I'll probably be up there around Christmastime....hopefully she'll be open. :lol: Pam
  15. Yes, what inspiration!!! Thanks for posting!!!
  16. Great job on the exterior Linda!! How'd you do that?
  17. Beautiful! I can see one of those windows in Otterine's Newport.
  18. Hey Steve, Where exactly is the one in Lancaster? I'm up that way (New Cumberland and Carlisle) about twice a year. Thanks! Pam
  19. I agree with Wolfie, shotgun style would be cool.
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