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    I like a lot of things. I really like to create and make things, from creating characters and their worlds, to random craft projects. I really like the challenge of making things myself, and will continue to scour the internet for tutorials. If it can be made, I want to learn how! It seems my interests can't escape the spooky influence of Halloween or the magic of Christmas. I have a small collection of BJDs, and of course, they reflect this as well. I have several cats that I adore, and enjoy cooking, watching football and collecting gemstones and crystals. I love history, creepy music and enjoy astrology and tarot cards.

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  1. Those look awesome. I was researching the history of brownies the other night, and I had to make some to eat myself. I guess you can't look at food - even fake food - for too long without wanting some!
  2. Beautiful job! If you hadn't said that it was your first attempt at making a mattress I wouldn't have guessed it! The floor is gorgeous. And I really, really like the wallpaper! I actually have some fabric that is almost exactly like it. I think you should be very proud of your work.
  3. Thank you everyone for all your suggestions. Each one was extremely helpful. I got a whole lot out of all the links posted as well! I am going to have to experiment with some silk gauze when I get more adept at this. I should get this rug finished either today or tomorrow. I might wait to get moved in before I cut it out, so I'll probably just come up with some more designs to work on until that hopefully not too far off date!
  4. I am still not moved into my new place yet - house hunting in Ogden has proven to be arduous indeed! I have gotten myself some project supplies to pass the time more peacefully. It was getting pretty darn painful not to have anything to work on. I went to Joann's last weekend, and all I could find was 22 count Aida cloth to cross stitch some rugs for my Halloween houses. I read that 40 count is the best, but this was the best I could do. I am not very familiar with cross stitching, so I tried looking for some tutorials on making cross stitched rugs. I couldn't find much. I also looked for
  5. Great thread! It has me super excited to work on my Christmas house too....Except everything is in storage. Keep the pictures coming!
  6. I always have to have a story with whatever I create. With my houses, none of which are finished yet, I have an overall game plan with the ones that I get. Since I am building my own Halloweentown, each house I get is either the home for one of my characters or their place of business. I have only sculpted 2 of my characters at this point, but once I am settled I will make the rest of them. For example, I plan to get the Aster Cottage for my witch Matilda to live in, and the Orchid I have is her business 'Magpie's Crafty Nook.' I am working on writing the Chronicles of Halloweentown, so it is
  7. That's a happy mistake! I'm glad the wrong color ended up being the right thing! I really love the colors and look you are going for with your house. The little sea lion will be quite at home when you get it finished!
  8. Kat57 - Can't wait to see your Cool Breeze Cabin come together! That sort of siding is beautiful, and has to take some patience to create. I am trying to figure out if that might work for any of my Halloweentown buildings....I'd like to do it, but not sure if fits any of my ideas! Ah well, something else to enjoy vicariously! CheckMouse - your Mountain Retreat looks amazing. It looks like a real building!
  9. AprilRain - your food looks really nice! My suggestion is to open an Etsy store where you can keep making lots of stuff and have them readily available for sale. I understand your love of making things even if you don't have a use for them yourself. JaneS - Love the bakery box!
  10. Hell hound! The fence is so nice. I love the broken pieces.
  11. I really like the worn look on the trim.
  12. Pumpkin lights! Gorgeous house.
  13. Lovely skeleton. Did you make the skull candelabra on the table?
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