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  1. I left a message about the curtains but I think it was at the bottom of the previous page and got bumped off! The curtain fabric was in included with the kit. It was a long piece of sheer material with the pretty embroidered edge. I cut the cloth into 4 equal pieces, doubled each piece over, and tied a ribbon in the centre then glued the curtains in. The material is very nice but I'm not sure if something similar could be found in US or Canada. Next time I'm at a craft or fabric store I'll try to find a similar example and take a picture of just the cloth.
  2. Hmm yeah I think it might have the potential to look tacky so I think I'll just leave it after all
  3. Also I just wanted to get some opinions on this idea... I bought a small bottle of white pearly acrylic paint for another craft project. I decided to use a bit to accentuate the cardboard picture frames included with this kit and really think the subtle pearly sheen is pretty. Does anyone think it might look good to water down the paint a bit and paint the trim on the front panel in the pearl sheen? Or would it look tacky? I'm on the fence about it!
  4. Thank you! The lace curtains and ribbon did come with the kit. It was a wide piece of sheer material with the pretty scalloped embroidered edge. I cut the cloth into 4 equal pieces, doubled it over, and tied the ribbon in the centre then glued each panel to the windows. I really love the material they included for the curtains and hope maybe it could be found in a craft or fabric store It turned out so cute for the curtains!
  5. I've also noticed quite a bit of holiday miniature items at my local dollar store. In the Christmas village sets I've found tiny wreaths, stockings, sleighs, and other toys. I also noticed some miniature ornaments which could be used for very cute dollhouse accessories. In the Christmas village set were also tiny bushes with LED lights attached. I bought a package of these and carefully detached the plastic bushes from the lights and now have a very affordable nice string of 5 LED lights attached to a battery pack! My dollar store had several colours of lights available so I might go
  6. Oh just wanted to add that most of the miniatures I have displayed didn't come with the kit. The kit does include paper cutouts to make tiny paper cups, saucers, cakes, etc but since I have real miniatures of those I didn't use those kit supplies. I already had a collection of miniature fimo clay cakes, a few tiny tea sets, porcelain vases, and various other plastic/resin cakes and food
  7. Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted much this past week. The days just flew by in such a hectic way! I didn't have much time to work on my kit though I was able to finish a few small details throughout the week. So far today I've spent the entire day finishing this up. I finished the remaining railing for the roof, glued the wallpaper and flooring, and glued walls together. The roof is a pre-cut clear acyrlic piece so I also attached that and glued all of the railings on the edges. I wired the lights (I was so terrified for this step) and finished gluing the pieces of the ch
  8. Riesz


    How adorable! I love it!
  9. I took a picture of the furniture this afternoon and the chandelier pieces just moments ago but wasn't able to edit my post so I'll add them here: Mostly finished furniture. Some of the pieces were still drying when I took this picture so the shelf on the slanted case fell a bit! I still haven't glued any of the doors either, so they look a bit wobbly. The kit includes paper bakery store labels to be glued on the flat wooden pieces of the cases. Still unsure if I'll use the labels or not... Here are the candlesticks for the chandelier! Each piece is a cut piece o
  10. They're all made out of wood! The kit included a piece of white cardboard for the back of the hutch but the rest is all just tiny bits of wood glued together. A few pieces had slight defects or needed a bit of sanding but overall I've been pleased with the quality of the wood and the kit in general! I finished all of the furniture today, made and glued the curtains to the windows, and just finished gluing all the flowerboxes. I also started work on the ornate little chandelier, which is made of gold wire and various beads. I'll try to get my fiance to help with wiring the lig
  11. Thanks so much everyone for the kind words and encouragement. It means so much to me! I was thrilled to wake up this morning to a dozen nicely glued pieces waiting for assembly! Last night I cut the clear plastic panels to fit with all the frames and glued it so hopefully today I can finish assembling most of the bakery cases. Took some pictures too! Here's the furniture I have finished so far. I haven't glued the doors on yet though so I can still decorate the shelves. I might never glue the doors, just maybe attach them with white putty or some other tempora
  12. Was it either Paint Shop Pro 7 or 9? I still have both of those if you need one
  13. Riesz

    Left Side View

    Wow! This is lovely!
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