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  1. Everyone here is still freaking out...I am like...come ON people, tis just gonna be wind and rain! And for mid November in MB, when the Witch of November comes calling...it usually means 4 feet of snow!
  2. The storm never showed up. We've had glorious temps for November in Manitoba....on the weekend I was even bbq'ing! (By Xmas lights, it's dark by 5 now lol)
  3. Taken from the Environment Canada website: Alerts for: Dauphin - Roblin - Winnipegosis Statements 3:50 PM CST Monday 16 November 2015 Special weather statement in effect for: Dauphin - Roblin - Winnipegosis Winter is coming. (now to be fair...and it's me commenting not Environment Canada) they are not calling for a lot of snow...just winds and colder temps)
  4. I am going to the UK on a tour next summer with my Mum. For my 50th, she gave me a new camera body. It got a workout when we went to Drumheller and Cypress Hills this summer, I am buying extra memory cards for next summer! We opted out of the planned boat ride down the Thames/ London Eye trip. Mum is not keen on heights. Instead, we are going to the V & A and meeting up with a high school friend who has lived in London for the last 18 years.
  5. memorial day eh? Well that explains that...I was always back in Canada for the summer by mid-May!!!
  6. Well Holly (and anyone else), I don't see why I can't send poppies down next year. Here, they are sold by the Legion.
  7. it's more a Canadian thing (at least, when I lived in the US I never saw poppies for sale, and I would be the only one wearing one) but here is an interesting snippet for you: http://www.canadashistory.ca/Community/Causes-to-Support/Articles/The-hidden-history-of-the-poppy My grandfather on my dad's side fought in the Boer War (yes, the Boer War) and the Great War. He never spoke of the latter. My great uncles on my mom's side served in the Second World War. One was a firefighter during the Blitz and the other was a rear gunner. He wanted to be a pilot but his vision was not good enou
  8. Tomorrow is Remembrance Day, so I shall spend it quietly at home. If I was in the city, I would have ventured out tonight to the Winnipeg Archives. They are having an event, and have a display of materials from 1915 (when Canada woke up to the ugly fact it was not going to be a short war) plus they were doing readings of letters written to family and friends from the Great War. The head archivist read some excerpts today over the radio.
  9. Yeah, my reaction this AM when I checked my email was...suuuuuure.... delete delete delete delete.you get the picture
  10. I have about half a dozen private messages asking me to contact them because I seem like a nice person and they wish to discuss something important with me. Looks like our inboxes on the board are being spammed.
  11. What really worries me is that we have had 3 days of solid rain (made for a very soggy and kid-less Halloween) and it's supposed to be rain changing to snow...which means ice. I hate ice unless it's in a skating rink and I have my skates on.
  12. I have an appointment tomorrow to get the /s/ word tires on. I phoned at 9 AM the second they opened. Once he stopped laughing, he admitted that they expected the phone to start ringing off the hook....
  13. they are using the /s/ word. 5 to 10 cms and me without my snowtires.
  14. My cousin is down in Houston right now at a convention. Part of the building had to be closed due to flooding, and she can't fly out tomorrow as planned. She is otherwise safe. You all stay safe now!!!!!
  15. Based on the experience of friends, be prepared NOT to get your investement back if and when you have to sell and move on. Depending on the market, and the amount of reno that the house needs, on re-selling you can take a hit (House and Garden TV not withstanding!). If you want to renovate an old house for the experience and satisfaction of living in a historic home brought up to code, then go for it.
  16. Yup. And we gobbled it up.
  17. Well, I made the four hour drive down even though I was seriously tempted to stay home in bed. Bought the Thanksgiving flowers and away I went. We are having truely beautiful weather, and I got out of the yardwork due to lung congestion (I am on indooor duties): for that I am thankful lol Enjoy your turkey everyone!
  18. We can take more but you need a note, and by the time I would have gotten in to see Sandra...I would be over the cold. When I broke my ribs...3 of em....at work even....I was expected to work. And work I did, holding a pillow tight to my side to brace my poor ribs.
  19. There are other ways to thicken liquids that tend to be a bit more palatable. Juices are now available in prethickened format after the study, get thee to a SLP experienced in dysphagia if texture changes are recommended
  20. Sable there could be a whole bunch of reasons for aspiration, and a swallow study does not reveal why, only confims. The kicker is...we can't stop it. We can thicken people's liquids, do all kinds of things to their food, but we can never stop aspiration, as if one aspirates liquids, one also aspirates one's own secretions. This is why oral care is such a HUGE issue for our vulnerable populations.
  21. LOL Holly, a couple of year back we had to attend an Infection Control workshop. The nurse leading it talked about the use of masks. I put the mask on as directed and then looked at her and gave her my most common command to my wee artic/phono/oral motor/apraxic kiddies: "Look at my face and watch my mouth!" She went "Oh. I never thought about that!"
  22. I am back at work as we can only take 3 days sick. Had all the parents looking at me and going "are you sure you should be here?". Lots and lots of handwashing going on. Of course, it's likely one of my little walking biohazards GAVE me this bug, lol. One of the public health nurses recommended some aromatherapy technqiues to help calm the cough. I shall try them tonight.
  23. bourbon and ginger ale? Get the germs drunk? Lol
  24. Monday, I started feeling a bit punky, but I attended a workshop being held locally anyway (gotta get those cont. ed hours). Tuesday, felt worse,but off I went, daycare day. Been flat on my back, that is unless I am turning myself inside out coughing, ever since. My friend did an emrg run to get kleenex chicken soup etc on Wednesday, went thru all that so dragged my butt out today for more. This is a really nasty bug. And I have a very busy week coming up, ending with driving four hrs to go home for Thanksgiving! :-(
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