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  1. Pretty much all of us have screen/storm doors. The interior door opens inwards, the screen door opens outwards. I've been blocked in. So the best thing is to shovel the door free throughout the storm (major PITA though)
  2. We could use snow here in Manitoba. We have very little snow cover, and that means a dry spring. I know, sounds weird doesn't it. My mother is snowbirding in Cuba, and poor thing it's rained almost every day she has been down there. The photos I have seen from New York are quite something! And it will be that heavy wet snow. That's the worst kind of snow.
  3. last year the Maritimes got so much snow, they were shovelling it into the Atlantic. My friend sent me a photo her friend sent her of his backyard. He had a bird feeder on a 7 ft pole. A squirrel had made a burrow and was living under the birdfeeder and chowing down. There was 7 ft of snow in the backyard.
  4. Storms like that hit harder in the East. Here in the Prairies, we have the equipment to deal with that kind of snow, and most of us know how to cope (ie stay the heck off the roads). I've been through a few blizzards in my time. As kids, Mom used to zip us up in our snowsuits, and threw us out in the backyard to play,
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    Enjoy any new hobby!
  6. The stands at the Canadian Figure Skating Championships in Halifax are quite empty. We aren't sure if it's because of the impending snowstorm...or the high price of tickets
  7. De-cluttered? What's that? and I admit to being a big fan of "shove it into a closet and close the door" I do have labelled bins,and I usually get stuff in the right bin. And I have a monthly cleaning lady. Plus, I buy less stuff now. Or at least I try.
  8. I took videos, but they are on my phone and too big to upload here. Goldie (who has quite the belly) likes to lie on his side, reach a paw into his food dish, and flick the morsel he fishes out into his mouth. Opal likes watching TV. She's always been the techie kitty....kicks me off my tablet so she can play her kitty game, pokes at the laptop, but she LOVES watching animal shows on Mom's 40 inch TV! Both of them are convinced that their humans should not be in the bathroom alone. That nasty toilet might suck a human right down....and as for showering, well good lor
  9. -41 windchill even as I type. Outdoor Xmas lights get to stay up a while longer, lol. Tomorrow is our Regional skating competition and Dauphin is hosting. Lucky for the skaters, we have a newer and nice and warm (well...warm for a rink) rink. I shall be there from 7 AM to 4 PM. (my face by the end of the day)
  10. Well we sure didn't make it to that promised -13 today!!! The "high" was -20. I have dragged out my down filled parka. Which I have a love/hate relationship with...love because it keeps me warm....hate because I can barely move....
  11. -40 with windchill last night Tomorrow, we are supposed to be mild for a day (probably will dash outside and drag in the outdoor Xmas lights) and back down we go! We've been spoiled by the extended fall and mild December....we are all very cranky, lol.
  12. Second day of truly cold weather here...when I got up this AM, the windchill was -31. Yes, I plugged the car in last night (again...first time this winter I have had to do that) Where's that flannel nightie and robe?
  13. Sparkle Snowflake. Well...they do, lol
  14. me-barbie


    Get well soon Selkie!!
  15. booo hiss. The freezing rain and snow mix has totally destroyed the ice conditions at Riding Mt. So much for my weekend plans
  16. Hey, my friends are getting the same card for the 4th yr running. I only send out 7, so box of 30 lasts a LONG LONG time!
  17. As long as we don't get too much snow tomorrow, I will head into the Park. Clear Lake, in Riding Mt National Park has frozen perfectly smooth AND crystal clear. I shall grab both skates and camera.
  18. Done. Like Holly, I shop and squirrel all year.
  19. Dashing through the......dirt? Almost all the snow has melted , we are above 0 every day. Looking like it might be the rare brown Christmas in Manitoba.
  20. it's Grey Cup this weekend, in Winnipeg (which has an outdoor stadium). Lucky for the football freaks, it is supposed to be *very* warm for the end of November in Manitoba. +1
  21. We had freezing rain Wed/Thursday last week, but not a lot of snow. Today, we are getting quite the dump. There was about 5 cms by the end of the day. It's the ice under the snow that makes things tricky...
  22. I think everyone handles loss a pet differently. When my mum called me about my beloved 18 yr old Tigger cat, I said, if she is that sick you have to put her down before I get home. Otherwise, I won't be able to let her go (I was in my mid 20s and going thru a crisis of my own). Our other cat, The Skuz Cat, looked for her for months. Mom took both our poor old Skuz cat (FIV...one of the first cases) and her beloved Topaz and stayed with them.
  23. I am even more saddened and dismayed by the hate crimes against innocent people with nothing to do with terrorist groups. We seem to have learnt nothing over the last 100 years.
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