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  1. they are saying rain for the rest of the week. please to all the weather gods, we need it. hot, hazy and sunny today
  2. Still warm and windy. We had a cold front, so we are in the low 20s (still warm for this time of year). Lots of smoke in the air too, and not all from Ft McMurray. We have a wildfire now pretty much out of control in Manitoba as well, but it's not in the path of any major towns. RAIN!. We need RAIN! http://www.msn.com/en-ca/sports/racing/fort-mcmurray-wildfire-albertans-offering-food-shelter-to-residents-fleeing-fire/vp-BBsDVPC http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/manitoba-forest-fire-smoke-health-alert-1.3571974
  3. me-barbie

    Sad day

    I had a similar relationship with my gran, although I was the 2nd youngest grandchild (my 4 cousins were older). She was 103 and had vascular dementia and no longer knew who any of us were, but it was still hard. It was also a relief in a way, as the dementia had taken her into a dark place. But we chose to focus on the positives, such as her curiosity, her early stand for women's rights, the way she mostly raised my cousins, her indulging me and my sister in our pestering her for stories of "the old days", which triggered in both us a life long love of history. Enjoy your sunsets and
  4. We just smashed a heat record for May 5th. Old record was +25. Today, we hit +35. We are dry as tinder, and fire bans and back country travel bans are all over the province. We can't send fire fighting equipment to Ft McMurray (from where my cousin was evacuated) because we are using it to fight (so far) small wild fires all over the province. We need rain on the Canadian prairies. Desperately. It was a mild winter with little snow fall, and a dry autumn.
  5. Fantasy/Romance, I loved the All Souls Trilogy (A Discovery of Witches, Shadow of Night, The Book of Life). Re-read it several times.
  6. We've been going up and down. One day, its +20, the next day, it's snowing! But that is pretty typical for Manitoba in April. (We've actually been known to have heavy snow on the May Long weekend....) This weekend it's supposed to be nice. And summer temps all next week!
  7. me-barbie

    Great news

    How excellent! My dear friend from work went blind about 3 yrs ago (retinal detachments, and re-attachement was followed by 2 more). While she handles it with grace and a positive attitude, I know how hard it was for her to lose her sight. Long may you keep yours!!!!
  8. I am going old school: Snow White, for the sheer beauty of the hand done animation, or Bambi for the same reason. Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid for the ground breaking beginning of computer assisted animation.
  9. About a year ago, my close friend Leanne added me to a private facebook group "MB Skating in the 1970s/80s'. It seems a reunion of skaters was being planned for April 2016. Leanne and I skated together and have never lost touch. 25 yrs ago I was her Main Maid at her wedding. Well, I was all in (even donated one of my prints as a prize). It was this last weekend. I went to this reunion with a very different attitude then my high school 20 yr reunion. At high school, while I had a close group of friends. there were also the bullies, so I had a wee chip on my shoulder..sort of 'I'll show
  10. I will want photographic evidence of this spinning ability. A camel spin please
  11. but he couldn't spin to save his life...
  12. this the Elvis who pops to mind for me! http://elvisstojko.ca/
  13. Snow here, on and off the past week. They are saying warm temps for the end of next week though, sure hope so!
  14. Do blizzards count? We are now under a heavy snowfall warning, and if the winds pick up it could turn into a blizzard....hard to believe when I look at the current bright sunny sky.
  15. Do be careful with these diets. I literally have dieted my way up to my current size, and since everyone reacts differently..don't expect the same results as Jane NextDoor.I got ill on Atkins. Plus, while I did at first lose 10...I gained 20. My dietican coworkers recommend the DASH eating plan. I have not lost any weight, but it is very healthy food. Take it from someone who has learnt the hard way....diets don't work, just eat sensibly and get some excerise. However you spell it
  16. So, when Opal and Goldie were kittens, I video'd them using my phone at feeding time. In the video, Opal screams at my Dad the whole time to HURRY UP AND FILL THOSE FUD BOWLS ALREADY. Several times, you hear my off-camera dad clinking the spoon against the side of the bowl. So, I had to go home the other weekend (family funeral). I decided to show Opal the video (Opal likes to watch TV, loves playing with my tablet, and likes cat video games). She intently watched herself as a kitten, but every time she heard my off camera father clink the spoon, her head would shoot up and
  17. I would probably get more stitching done....lol
  18. Can veggies be grown as air plants?
  19. chicken cooked in tomato and pesto served over penne with parmasan
  20. Well, mom will be scrubbing for much of the weekend, and the 3 plants that went MIA have gone to become compost. The kittens are usually better behaved.....until she goes away, lol!
  21. My mum went to Cuba for 2 weeks. My dad rarely leaves his room, except to go to the washroom and to get food. So the kittens had the run of the place. They did extensive gardening in the sunroom (3 plants were MIA...later found to have been beyond saving). They repainted the walls with mud, replaced the laminate floor with mud and added an insulating layer of mud to the windows. My poor mother. The kittens are still in disgrace.
  22. I don't think so Sable. We have actually had a pretty dry winter. As weird as it sounds, we really need a good blizzard. Or two. Or a wet spring.
  23. tonight: chicken and rice mixed with dahl.
  24. Freezing rain. Then snow. Then more freezing rain. Towns a bloody skating rink.
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