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  1. Canada is closed tonight. I've been watching the last concert of the Tragically Hip, one of Canada's most iconic bands. Most of Canada watched along with me. Thanks Gord Downie, your music will be your legacy. Thanks to that, you will live forever.
  2. Two of my cousins have had to flee wildfires. One when the interior of BC went up in flames, the other this spring when Ft McMurray was hit. Both fires triggered by drought.
  3. When I was 15, we were living in Victoria. I remember Mt St Helens blowing. It shattered the plate glass doors to our apartment complex. We also had multiple tremors (and BC is over due for a big quake ). I remember Mt Baker spewing mud too. I honestly don't know which is worse tornados earthquakes or volcanos. Seems Mother Nature is a you-know-what and barely tolerates us!
  4. I could do with a whole lot less exciting weather right about now....
  5. Now, I have always known that here on the Canadian prairies, we are at the tail end of Tornado Alley. But rarely do we have as active a summer as this!!! July 20th...we flew into a storm, jounced all over and diverted to Brandon as there was no way to land (I don't like flying and I was terrified). That storm produced 2 tornadoes and several microbursts. They ripped through a Hutterite community and a First Nation. Storage sheds at the airport were damaged and an apt block's roof was ripped off. We would not have landed safely. Lots of damage. Next we have July 31, 4 tornadoes just over the b
  6. I've done them. You can self-fringe, but you must add a row of machine stitching to prevent the whole thing from becoming a fringe. Also, I found 3 ply of floss just got kind of "lost" and I got better results with 6 ply. So you might need double the floss. And, this was the one and only time I needed....KNOTS. Horror, I know but it was the only way to stabilize the back. Since knots are visible, you might consider adding a light piece of co-ordinating fabric to the back, and essentially quilting in on.
  7. Back story: in 2006, my gran celebrated her 100th birthday. While the vascular dementia had certainly taken hold, for the most part she was still there. We had a huge come and go tea and a lot of my cousins from BC flew into celebrate, so it was a big family reunion as well. Well, what do you get someone who is 100? All of us...grandkids, great grandkids, cousins and her surviving child (my mum) chipped in and we bought a park bench with an engraving on it, and got permission to have it placed on the beach near our family cottage under the tree Gramma loved to sit under. It's still t
  8. me-barbie

    I'm back!!

    Well, actually I have been back for a week. But then I had to get over the jetlag, create a blog for my travel journal and edit the photos to the extent that I can (no lightshop or photo editing programme). I am still working on healing the hamstring I damaged while on the trip (we went to the seaside and got stuck in muck, lol). And believe you me, had I know we were gonna get record breaking heat, I would have packed more sundresses! Which are my normal summer uniform. It was a whirlwind 2 weeks and we had an awesome tour guide who came up with all kinds of fun extra activites (punting down
  9. Enjoy your Divorce-From-The-Big-Bad-Parliment-Overseas day!!! (sorry, couldn't resist). I remember being in grad school and friends taking me to Atlantic City for the 4th. Watching the fireworks over the boardwalk, such fun!!! Did you know that your Constitution was heavily influenced by the Great Laws of Peace that bound the Six Nations together? (I am Mohawk, we are the Keepers of the East Door in the longhouse tradition) History lesson over for the day!
  10. lol Jeremy! It's a long weekend here in Canada, so since today was hot and sunny, I headed for Rainbow Beach with a book, some water and fresh fruit and my SPF 50 sunshelter. I got a lot of stitching done yesterday. We will see what tomorrow brings, rain is threatened. However, work wise, I SO wish I could tell you all what happened, but privacy laws stop me. Suffice to say, I just banged my head on my desk. (don't worry, I am still employed. Just people make me tired) I have also been hunkered down hiding from the Country-festers (just google it). My town gets taken over by drunk co
  11. Deb, I was 2 yrs old during Epxo 67. I drove my parents INSANE (it was Canada's 100th birthday) begging for...and then playing..over...and over...and over...the following little gem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18-oRTLIe3I
  12. We are 149 years old today, and the planning for a country wide blow out for 2017 has already begun! It's mostly cloudy and cool, so I am curled up on the loveseat stitching and watching documentaries. Tonight, gourmet burgers and then off to watch the fireworks. Last night, I was too lazy to cook, so I ordered. The delivery person was a new Canadian, and wished me Many Happy Canada Day Salutations.
  13. All the other soloists sounded great!!!!
  14. So I mustered up the courage to watch the Westman cable broadcast of our concert. Yee gods. I am not photogenic at the best of times, but I look like I weigh 300 + pounds. And honest...I HAD brushed my hair. And now that I am hearing myself ....not so good. Won't do that again.
  15. Yes but you have to have Westman Cable, lol
  16. I had thought about going to the beach today...it's +25 with the humidex....but alas, I am too lazy.
  17. Indeed. During the May Long (2 weeks ago) much of Northern AB got about 30 cms of snow!! Much needed moisture. Plus, for Canadians, it's just not the May long unless it snows somewhere...
  18. Horrible cold windy and rainy day today. Well, at least I do not have to water my flowers. I was chased home from a bike ride on Sunday by a thunderstorm that dumped pea sized hail on us. I just beat it! Even with a helmet on, that would have HURT
  19. We had standing room only (we anticipated 60 people, not 160) And we rocked our songs Our silver collection was over 600$, every penny will go towards new music. And as for my solo, not only did I stay on key, but I was able to pay attention to the dynamics that I had written into the song.
  20. Last year, I believe I told you all about the women's choir I co-founded? Well this year, we have enough of a rep to put on a full length concert! Since we sing at the PCH's (for free), the Knights of Columbus donated their hall for us to have a concert, we just have to set up and take down. High ceilings on one side and a wood dance floor make for wonderful acoustics. And...*glup*....I am singing a solo. I sang rather badly at our final practice on Friday, so that means a good performance tonight, right? If you're curious, I am doing an alto arrangement of the song from Celti
  21. me-barbie


    My sympathy, its so awful when people act like this. I have the list already made in my case, as I too have seen this kind of behaviour. And yes, it's usually the family member that either never bothered to visit or treated the deceased family member badly that cause all the trouble. There can be other complications too, my "uncle" died very suddenly and while his 2 girls behaved and continue to behave with dignity and grace, my poor "aunt" suddenly found herself short of money, as everything was in joint accounts...with his name as primary and the banks froze all the accounts!!!
  22. Lovely stuff!!!! Worthy of a musuem!!! My mum and I are going to the UK on a tour thing (yeah I know...but it's easier for her). I shall again gawk at Queen Mary's house.
  23. IT RAINED! Thank all the weather gods and send us some more please
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