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  1. We are back to March temps, after Jan temps last week. The ice on the sidewalks and parking lots is INSANE. However, things could be worse...the Maritimes are being hit by a huge storm, 70 cms of snow...and freezing rain and more snow is going to hit them later this week.
  2. News here (yes, it is making the news in Canada) says that the water levels have dropped a bit, although it is by no means safe....
  3. The year I taught 3rd grade (before scooting back to grad school), I was in an inner city school. I made damm sure that I had enough materials so kids who could not buy could make. I brought in healthy snacks, and let the kids have a party in the afternoon. No one going home hurt in *my* class. No queen/king either. 23 kids each went home with 22 cards. I covered a high school when I was a school clinician. The girls competed to see who's boyfriend had spent the most money. Felt sorry for the boys
  4. Who intensely dislikes Valentines day? As a young child, I loved it..class party, cupcakes, cards and punch. Then we moved. To a school that had King and Queen of each class...the kid who got the most cards, of course. No more teacher sending a list home so everyone got one. Jr hi...not a wallflower. Part the the wall. Sr Hi, the boyfriend did not want me at the dance, he wanted to pick up other girls. University...watching the pretty girls get dates. The final nail was when I was working my 1st job after grad school... the boyfriend saying the M word....and booting me out 72 hrs later (monoga
  5. My mom is in TX right now, enjoying her second week of temps in the mid to high 20's. We went from March temps (+4, +8) and everything melting, to freezing rain on Mondaym followed by freezing temps (-29 at night) during the day. Which means *everything* and I do mean *everything* is a skating rink right now. Walking is very dangerous.
  6. to reality! I have most of the ingredients: I have an old terrirum (sp??). I have some wee winter fairies...some trees.....I wish to create a scene. A winter scene. I thought to get some floral form to use as a base in the old terrium (sp?) and then arranging the tree and fairies. I envision one fairy decorating a main tree, with a few smaller trees in a corner, and some seated fairies watching. So. How do I create a "snow" look with a floral form base? I want some sparkle (got that covered) and some snow drifts (do NOT have that covered). Any ideas?
  7. (()). I lost my grampa on New Years Eve when I was a preteen, and my grandma on Thanksgiving in 2009. We cherish our memories of Buddy (we didn't call him Grampa) and the memories of Gramma before dementia took her. Cherish the memories of your beloved dad. They will bring comfort
  8. What a charming idea! I am sure she will be thrilled. I like the roombox idea with meaningful minis and the ring in a trunk. Perhaps a vase of mini flowers on the trunk?
  9. me-barbie

    A Christmas Wish

    Merry Hannukmas! Or Happy Christmakah! We did almost everything a day early. A big winter storm is heading our way, and my sister was panicking about leaving her cat. We opened presents today though (I put my foot down on that one).
  10. We are now out of the deep freeze (both Sat and Sunday saw -43 windchill) and its mild again. So my car windows are no longer frozen shut!
  11. So MB got slammed by a three day Colorado low. Tons of snow. This also brings "wrap-around" cold. It is- 40 even as I type with the windchill.
  12. me-barbie

    Rocking Horse

    OH MY GOD. I am in love with the dapple greys.
  13. Stuck my head in the sand to just take a break. We have Trumpists in Canada too, so no way can we be complacent. As a feminist, a First Nations and a woman, I am a target for Canadian Trumpists. That being said, anything creative can both help with mental health issues (music and art therapies are both recognized forms of valid treatment), and serve as early warning. If you lose the desire to create and you are normally creative....that can be a sign something is wrong, and it is time to seek help. Creativity is also a form of self care. It doesnt matter if it is minis, painting, photography
  14. She and her mom were over the other week, so of course I let her play with the house. I didn't look at it, since I know the minor is careful. Until I showed it to a friend's son. The minor had put the master of the house to bed...with the cook.... and the mistress of the house was relegated to sleeping in the servants attic!
  15. Yeah, I second the do-it-yourself or get someone to write it for you route. November is not the most...cheerful...of months, lol. At least in literature and poetry
  16. It's my great aunt Ella recipe: 1 or 2 cups cooked rice depending on bird size. Chop and sautee celery onion and mushrooms with salt pepper and sage. Mix with the rice, stuff the bird.
  17. In our family yes. We have rice stuffing. I never encountered bread stuffing til I moved out for grad school.Plus turnips as my parents love turnips. I hate turnips. Hate the smell, hate the texture hate the taste.
  18. We have the traditional dinner fixings, complete with cat hair...Goldie was desperate to get to the turkey. Most crops were harvested in my part of the province but not all. It was a wet summer and fall so several farmers I know simply could not get onto their fields without getting the combines stuck.
  19. I have a party to go to. I was going to make a medieval style dress but Mom just gave me a bolt of blue fabric with gold stars all over it. So now I will be a starry night
  20. ......she is still talking (wants to know when her mum is bringing her over again)
  21. So, Sunday I went into Riding Mt to do a fall shoot. My friend Stacey came with me, and brought her 11 yr old daughter. I did both foliage and some portrait work. Then we came back here to look at the UK photos. Brenna went upstairs, as I told her if she was careful, she could play with my dollhouse. She's still talking about it.
  22. So this week, I was at a friends house and we were editing what I had not culled from my trip to the UK and Ireland. I had taken a shot of a re-enactor at the Roman Baths. Todd says, let's brighten this up. So we did. And lo! Into view and sharp focus comes a dude blowing his nose into a huge hankie! once we stopped laughing, we darkened it back to the orginal exposure....
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