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  1. So far we are shooting for singing at the PCH's at the end of May...and right now we have 2 songs ....but it's early days yet. Our current songs are "Try to Remember" (which I sang in 1976, lol) and "Fields of Gold"...and the altos get to be Sting.... Another song "Learn to Be Silent" was rather....high....so the altos were silent all right. We couldn't hit the notes.
  2. yeah except I squeak on the high notes....contralto here.
  3. Madame La Presidente of the Parkland Woman's Choir :violin:
  4. Selkie, that is what I am thinking of doing...just attaching it to the end. Can you post photos of how you did it?
  5. The storms have blown thru, and we didn't get as much snow as we were orginally threatened with. Now for the wrap-around cold!
  6. Oh and just a heads up....I left out the flour (I figured the taters would provide enough thickening and I was right) A co worker made this WITH the flour and it turned into pudding the next day!
  7. Snow fall warning! 5 to 10 cms today, 5 to 10 cms tonight and 5 to 10 cms tomorrow.
  8. So last Sunday we had our first meeting and practice. We had 20 women show up!!! We decided on a membership fee of 20$ per year. This allows us to buy music and join the Manitoba Choral Association.....and gives us access to the large lending library the Association has. We also appointed a librarian. We then did some singing. Our director asked how many could read music and how many learnt by ear. It was about an even split, with me being in the middle (I read music but poorly, and learn better by ear. But I feel very secure singing when I have the music in my hot little paws) One l
  9. When I was 13, I was diagnosed with a severe learning disability, with math being most severely affected and spelling somewhat less so. For me, the information I had a disability was liberating in a weird way. It was...."You mean I'm not just stupid???" In my mid 30's I was diagnosed with ADD-Inattentive Type. Again, it was liberating in a weird way. I finally understood why I got that I-Am-Going-To-Explode-In-8-Different-Directions feelings in meetings and workshops. I learnt self advocacy skills, I learnt to manage things drug free and while the disability is a part of me...it
  10. As that is a male moose, aka the bull.... he will need a cow. Then of course she will drop a calf....
  11. My sister posted this recipe to my facebook page, mostly as a joke (she hates pickles I love them) http://noblepig.com/2013/03/dill-pickle-soup/ So I more or less made this today, just a wee pot (I cut the recipe WAY down). I say more or less because I did not have some of the spices (no Bay spice mix, so I used poudre douce) And....oh...my....word.... Tangy, creamy refreshing and comforting tasty goodness! If you like pickles, I can totally recommend this soup!
  12. Second day of extreme cold warning. You know it's cold when I zap the heat in the house up to 24 C..... I was out last night at a friend's house (monthly dinner and movie night). She lives 2 blocks away and I just can't justify driving 2 blocks. So out came the ski pants and down filled parka and Sorel boots!
  13. When I was a child, my mom threw away my first dollhouse (a tin one, and I suppose she was right, I had played with it to death) My father build me a wooden one when I was 11...and they left it behind when we moved. He promised to build me another, and when I was 13 he and my uncle did...and it got left behind when we moved. Neither of those houses were given away, they were just abandoned. As a young teenager, I protested mightly. My minis that I had been buying with my allowance and baby sitting money lived in shoe boxes til I was 18, when Dad built me the house I have now. And it ha
  14. The Bonspiel Thaw is over, today it is -26 with a -36 windchill. Ah well, it is winter and it is Manitoba. It was nice while it lasted, and the duvet is back on the bed!
  15. My gran's favourite song was "Ghost Riders in the Sky" . Now, the following nugget is, for me, a bit of awesomeness....Monday our new adult SLP started! She is a solid clinician, and a new grad. Once she gets a couple of miles under her belt, she will be very good indeed. I will be supervising her through her Clinical Fellowship year. This means about 10 kids will also get in for therapy, as I will no longer have to cover the adults as well as the kiddies! I will be full time peds!!!!
  16. There is a "children's" book called The Doll's House by Rumer Godden. I put children in quotations because the character of Marchpane is a bit of a piece of evil! Still, I loved the book as a child, esp the Tasha Tudor illustrations.
  17. No blizzard warnings here! Just still a January thaw and I am loving it!
  18. My ex fiancee's mother (many years) ago had the same attitude. For some people love comes only with price tags. I made her guest towels, she used them as dishrags. My ex after seeing her reaction to my work did not dare tell her the candle wreaths that he had given her....were also made by me. Now, on the other hand, I made stuffed dolls with wardrobes for my niece and my friend's daughter. They loved them, as did their mothers, who knew and understood the craftsmanship that went into it. I also made Holly Hobbie, Anne Shirley and Diane Barry dolls for a dear friend. Her husband restricts th
  19. It's still really mild (well for Manitoba in January), its -5. We had some freezing rain last night and some snow. They are saying that it's supposed to be mild for the whole last week of January.
  20. it's +5. In January. In Manitoba. WOOT WOOT, I didn't even bother with the coat, gloves and hat after I left work today and I have windows open!!!!!!
  21. For years, one of the other altos and I have talked about how much fun it would be to have a women's choir here. We miss singing when Celebration Singers are done. But it never got any further then "But who would direct?" LOL. Neither of us have enough skill or theory knowledge to conduct. I failed Theory 1 in a truely spectacular fashion, Aly has even less formal training. We found one of the sopranos can conduct. And she agreed as long as she didn't have to also manage the choir! So I approached one of the women I know at work, who is a brilliant on the piano. She has just retire
  22. Apart from the popcorn ceiling and carpet, looks nice! Do I guess correctly when I guess this is like a 55+ community? Or is this more like a condo?
  23. -46 windchill. The entire province is under a windchill warning. When my dad was still able to work, he spent a lot of his workday outdoors, and so he had the correct gear (it's still miserable even properly geared up at -46, make no mistake about that). He is in end stage COPD now, and does not leave the house even in summer. Leaves his room only to go to the bathroom really (his choice) The next time I am at my parents, I shall go through the back closet and bag up all his winter wear and take it to a men's shelter in the city, where it will be MOST welcome. I dropped a small seed
  24. I am leaving my mom's tomorrow, and it looks like I am leaving in snow and driving into more snow. Good thing I have snow tires.
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