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  1. +9 C today, can get to the bbq and I heard geese last night!!
  2. Woke up to -43 windchills It's "warmed up" to -32 windchill
  3. We've got the wrap around cold now. -40 windchill tonight.
  4. I did try to post a before and after, but the photos on my phone are too large and I don't know how to resize them
  5. woke up this AM to the sounds of a tow truck rescuing my neighbour....who was stranded in our parking lot. I notice his SUV is back in it's parking spot, so I assume he gave up his attempt to go to work. All the highways are closed, schools are closed (even for staff!!) and most small businesses are closed. It's pretty bad, I live in a 2 story townhouse and there is snow that was blown up and packed into the 2nd floor windows.
  6. Blizzard conditions are now here. We had freezing rain all morning and into the early afternoon, before it changed over into light snow. The snow is now quite heavy. The TransCanada is closed, and other highways are poor driving. Glad I am snugged in.
  7. So yeah, this is on the way: http://weather.gc.ca/city/pages/mb-58_metric_e.html
  8. Yesterday was lovely and warm. Today, it's pretty raw...and tomorrow we have between 30 and 40 cms of snow heading our way!
  9. It's the Louis Riel long weekend here. Sat we were up to +7, so everything turned to slush (causing a snowmoble derby to be cancelled). It went down to -4 overnight, causing everything to freeze hard. It went up to 1, and we had rain on and off all day. My parking lot is now a rather bumpy skating rink. It's actually quite dangerous to get to the car. today it's +2 and the sun is desperately trying to shine. This is nuts for Feb in MB. It's also Festival du Voyageur in Winnipeg, and events have had to be cancelled (not to mention what has happened to the snow and ice sculptures) http:
  10. We are back to March temps, after Jan temps last week. The ice on the sidewalks and parking lots is INSANE. However, things could be worse...the Maritimes are being hit by a huge storm, 70 cms of snow...and freezing rain and more snow is going to hit them later this week.
  11. My mom is in TX right now, enjoying her second week of temps in the mid to high 20's. We went from March temps (+4, +8) and everything melting, to freezing rain on Mondaym followed by freezing temps (-29 at night) during the day. Which means *everything* and I do mean *everything* is a skating rink right now. Walking is very dangerous.
  12. We are now out of the deep freeze (both Sat and Sunday saw -43 windchill) and its mild again. So my car windows are no longer frozen shut!
  13. So MB got slammed by a three day Colorado low. Tons of snow. This also brings "wrap-around" cold. It is- 40 even as I type with the windchill.
  14. me-barbie

    Rocking Horse

    OH MY GOD. I am in love with the dapple greys.
  15. Canada is closed tonight. I've been watching the last concert of the Tragically Hip, one of Canada's most iconic bands. Most of Canada watched along with me. Thanks Gord Downie, your music will be your legacy. Thanks to that, you will live forever.
  16. lol Jeremy! It's a long weekend here in Canada, so since today was hot and sunny, I headed for Rainbow Beach with a book, some water and fresh fruit and my SPF 50 sunshelter. I got a lot of stitching done yesterday. We will see what tomorrow brings, rain is threatened. However, work wise, I SO wish I could tell you all what happened, but privacy laws stop me. Suffice to say, I just banged my head on my desk. (don't worry, I am still employed. Just people make me tired) I have also been hunkered down hiding from the Country-festers (just google it). My town gets taken over by drunk co
  17. I had thought about going to the beach today...it's +25 with the humidex....but alas, I am too lazy.
  18. Indeed. During the May Long (2 weeks ago) much of Northern AB got about 30 cms of snow!! Much needed moisture. Plus, for Canadians, it's just not the May long unless it snows somewhere...
  19. Horrible cold windy and rainy day today. Well, at least I do not have to water my flowers. I was chased home from a bike ride on Sunday by a thunderstorm that dumped pea sized hail on us. I just beat it! Even with a helmet on, that would have HURT
  20. Lovely stuff!!!! Worthy of a musuem!!! My mum and I are going to the UK on a tour thing (yeah I know...but it's easier for her). I shall again gawk at Queen Mary's house.
  21. IT RAINED! Thank all the weather gods and send us some more please
  22. they are saying rain for the rest of the week. please to all the weather gods, we need it. hot, hazy and sunny today
  23. Still warm and windy. We had a cold front, so we are in the low 20s (still warm for this time of year). Lots of smoke in the air too, and not all from Ft McMurray. We have a wildfire now pretty much out of control in Manitoba as well, but it's not in the path of any major towns. RAIN!. We need RAIN! http://www.msn.com/en-ca/sports/racing/fort-mcmurray-wildfire-albertans-offering-food-shelter-to-residents-fleeing-fire/vp-BBsDVPC http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/manitoba-forest-fire-smoke-health-alert-1.3571974
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