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    I love being outdoors, traveling, and reading. I have been interested in minatures since I was a child but have not had the time or resources for the endeavor until recently. Restoring my house is going to be a great winter project. I'm excited to find so many other people on the forum that share my interest! I just love anything small, mini, or "baby size". I have a mini rex rabbit named Ruby that lives in my house with me. at some point I will need to find a grey mini bunny for the house or learn to make one. I'm also looking to name the Southern Dynasty, I've been kicking around a few ideas but haven't settled on anything yet.

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  1. Acp

    Southern Dynasty Restoration

    The progress of my Hofco Southern Dynasty Restoration project. At 33 I'm embarking on the dreams of my eight year old self to have a completed, period accurate dollhouse.
  2. Acp

    Grand Room Box

    Love the toile paper!
  3. Acp


    So much progress in just a few short weeks. I'm really starting to feel good about this!
  4. Acp

    Close Up

    Absolutely georgous!
  5. Very cool, I don't have any experience with stone or Greenleaf houses. Is this something common? Finished product looks great!
  6. Could you putthe towels in it insted and lose the shelving unit?
  7. That corner cabinet is great!
  8. Acp

    Girls' Corner

    Looks like a cozy place to have a cup of tea!
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