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  1. :thumb: Seems we're on the same page there, Holly. Think I'll remove that wall anyway, making the hall part of that bedroom. Still looking for schematic sheets; Ideally, I'd like the (new) stairs and their railings to be original to the home (the railings now are not standard.) If I could lay hands on a set of schematics I can reorder the specific sheets or, in the very least, make my own railings. The cupboard in mine, also, is not original to the house, and is 3X bigger, covering the entire back wall of the bath. Unsure if I'm going to use it or not. P.S. What exactly is your attitude toward electrifying/lighting a dollhouse? Pros and cons. Curious as I haven't done it myself, but the McKinley had been wired when I got her. Thought I might try my hand at it with this house.
  2. Okay, this is good ... so many of you have owned, loved, and/or rehabbed a McKinley. Got to ask: Had no gingerbread with mine and would appreciate some. I'm missing original stair railings as well, and hope to put them back as they belong. This home came to me as a rehab; no box nor schematic sheets for reorder info. Anyone out there willing to donate to the cause? PM me, please - if you're willing to offer unused gingerbread, etc., or have sheet schematics you can forward. Ultimate thanks.
  3. fov - I drove more than 400 miles for my Harrison!
  4. This is a wonderful house - I could build a hundred of them! It is stamped: "Greenleaf Steel Rule Die Corp Copyright 1981" Not sure if that means anything, i.e. does it make the house "vintage" or just old! Irregardless, she's in great shape for a house nearly 30 years old. It does have a great floor plan, though the rooms are small-ish. I think it can be furnished in an elegantly "austere" manner and look fabulous, although it looks terrific no matter how it was done in the many gallery photos I've looked at. The stairs are nice, going up the back, so you have their look without them taking up lots of space. My McKinley has no opening in the second floor for a stair landing, they go to the ceiling, and, in fact, before I knew what she was I was affectionately calling her the "Winchester" house (you know who I mean)! Have noticed a few differences between mine and some of the McKinleys in the galleries, for instance mine has no gingerbread (probably broken and/or lost over the years), and it has a built-in wall cabinet on the second floor left room (which I've removed.) Don't know anything about the original kit (though I'm going to look, may add another to my collection) or if these features were standard. Rehab is coming along nicely. Great, in fact. Love the house and perhaps, with some practice, I'll put together some gallery pics. Keep the comments and info coming, please. It's gray in Ohio and I'm getting a little cagey, needing to shake off the winter-blue(s).
  5. Kelly, LLyn Marie - Wow! You guys are fast! It is a lovely home, has great bones! The wallpaper and what-not is awful! and is coming down fast! I've had her about four days and have one outside wall painted and all the interior paper, etc. removed for rehab. Now that I know how to post pics, I just might start a gallery! Thanks gals! You're awesome! :lol:
  6. :lol: I picked up this house for rehab from my sister's garage where it had been stored for ages. She told me she's had it 15-ish years, maybe more. I thought I recognized it as an older Greenleaf, but couldn't find a stamp (like on my 1979 Harrison.) It's tab-and-slot, and has many "Pierce" qualities: lattice board, the acetate window style and trims, attic style, porch railing cut-outs, more. In addition, this house has two drawers in the bottom at the opening. No front, or back (not sure which) as the house was built to hang on a wall. Any ideas who she is? Seems there was a house like this for ID on the forum before, but I would never be able to find that post again! Appreciate any help. (There are a few more pics if they might help. Just ask.) Thanks!
  7. Good question. Time, effort, supplies count for much, but how about the heart that's put into these homes? What is that worth? Time spent? (not including supplies.) Thought? How about the mounds of paper, masking tape, and glue? Paint? Paint touch-up? Touch-ups? Every single thing done to a kit, a home, not a house, especially if it is being built for another, costs something: if not monitarily than in what it takes to give it up when completed. How do you charge $ for that? I'd really like to know as well.
  8. Just saying ... after building my first house (an Orchid) I bought two Pierces for bashing together as a castle. Nevertheless, have bought and sold three houses since then, picked up another for rehab, and am building a consignment Willow. The Pierce(squared) waits patiently for its extended fourth floor, inside tower w/colonades, and fountain courtyard. Enough said?
  9. Hi Shell ... just thought I'd throw in that I also have a Harrison, circa 1979 (an original first I presume) that I picked up from a great friend. It's a serious rehab, however, I hope to turn mine into a "Christmas/Santa Claus" home; it's my daughters and this is her choice. Love it! P.S. I also have no instructions, and few pics. Like putting a puzzle together, find joy in the challenge! Good luck!
  10. Monica Darling, When SF'09 pics were released I recall telling you that I would give up my three contest pics if they counted as a vote toward Lothlorie Inn to win ... now I want reservations there! Do they come with a complimentary Continental breakfast, and can we go horseback riding?
  11. Hi, Gee! Welcome to the Un-Official Far Too Busy/Procrastinator's Fairy Treehouse Building Club! Yay! LOL Moving very slowly on this end. Husband has been redoing my space since September which leaves me with virtually nowhere to work on projects. Still have the 'Willow' hanging around; it's a freebie so not really an issue with time constraints there, but irregardless it is taking up space. Had gathered some awesome 'shrooms for the fairies - most have blown away like dust in the wind! Unusable. Will have to start again with those and find a way to dry and keep them intact. (Hmmm ....) Otherwise bark, moss, lichens, mold all doing well. Branch piles increasing. Did have a honeycomb, about 1 1/2" x 2" that has mostly fallen apart. Think I'll spray that to keep the remainder intact. Did have three, count them, three!, mud dauber nests! Did 'til husband saw them, thought they were 'cool' and stepped on them. Oh well. There's always next years hornet crop. Daughter's Harrison is still setting there, waiting. Christmas house? Sure - maybe next year. Anyway Gee, welcome. Linda, Deb, myself - the plans remain. When they come to fruition we are gonna be a sight to see!
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