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  1. I do not need another monthly subscription box (that's what I'm repeating silently in my head lol!) I just checked out the site and Squintbox is so cute! Wouldn't it be great if someone like Kris from 1" minis had a monthly (or every 2, 3, or however many) subscription? I've been gone so long, but I read on another post a moment ago that she sells kits now? I glanced through her blog, but couldn't find them. It would be so much fun to watch everyone put something together, but each with their own personalized touches, and share progress and finished product pics!
  2. Goldenrodfarm those are absolutely adorable! I have obviously been gone for too long (my profile says I last signed in in 2016?!) and now looking at everyone's pictures I have mini fever all over again! Off to look at ebay now! :)
  3. And I just noticed the weird look under the left cabinet where the stove goes. It is the cardboard that I glued the tile cardstock to. Since my tile pattern doesn't go all the way to that wall I'll have to add a touch of paint there to hide the difference. The cabinet does sit all the way on the floor though I promise!
  4. Fov my colander is yellow! And I could paint my kitchen canisters blue and yellow! I would also like a dish drainer (if I can figure out how to make one) and if there is enough space
  5. I have painted those cabinets no less than 10 times. I finally gave up more than decided on the green. I picked a paint color to match every color in the wallpaper and tried every one of them on the cabinets. Blah!
  6. I was thinking the flaps freely kind, but if you have ideas on how to make one I'll take any suggestions! I can't decide if I should restain the floor or leave it as is? I don't want it any darker I don't think, but I thought stain might help seal some of the boards together?
  7. This is lovely! Great job!
  8. I bought it the year after it was part of the Spring Fling or another one of the contests. They had marked it down to like $24 or $29 so they may have been selling them out at the time. I bought siding to add on a bathroom and it matches really well so you could probably make your own version of the house pretty easily
  9. beyondbaffled


    Oh and there is no trim along the ceiling in this pic - I just noticed so I have to go back and add that too.
  10. beyondbaffled


    A plastic tube might work if it's the same diameter. If it was sitting on the stove or filled with food then it wouldn't matter if it didn't have a bottom? I've seen people use cardstock wrapped around a dowel to make pots and then painted/sealed to keep them stiff, but I haven't tried that yet.
  11. beyondbaffled


    Mimajo I work in a pharmacy so I collect them from the stock bottles
  12. beyondbaffled

    Rubber mat

    I really love this, you thought of everything!
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