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  1. I do not need another monthly subscription box (that's what I'm repeating silently in my head lol!) I just checked out the site and Squintbox is so cute! Wouldn't it be great if someone like Kris from 1" minis had a monthly (or every 2, 3, or however many) subscription? I've been gone so long, but I read on another post a moment ago that she sells kits now? I glanced through her blog, but couldn't find them. It would be so much fun to watch everyone put something together, but each with their own personalized touches, and share progress and finished product pics!
  2. Goldenrodfarm those are absolutely adorable! I have obviously been gone for too long (my profile says I last signed in in 2016?!) and now looking at everyone's pictures I have mini fever all over again! Off to look at ebay now! :)
  3. Oh my gosh! Holly and Kathy I love both of those chairs!!! And I can just imagine The Mad Hatter sitting in one of those high back pink chairs! I wonder if I could talk David into a RL set of those for the apartment...
  4. Fun! I will definitely check out your blog!
  5. I saw that too! I thought it was the same house from this thread until I noticed the gazebo on the opposite side
  6. Under the pic is a link to a FB page for Hubert Lengdorfer. It looks like a model that he made. I saw some other minis in his pics and a desk that looked about 1:12 scale, but alot of the other stuff was much smaller.
  7. Wow!!! That looks so magical! If I had something like that I would never take it down
  8. Yes! The gooey frosting looks delicious! And I love the sparkles on top
  9. Well at least I'm not the only one frustrated! Removing the paint hasn't been a problem at all, some of it just rubs off and the rest comes off easily with the swipe of a qtip dipped in fingernail polish remover! Maybe I'll try the spray painting again - I feel that I may be too impatient and that could be part of the problem...
  10. Lily I thought the exact same thing - it needs some bathroom accessories!
  11. What a cute idea! Post some pics when you finish painting
  12. Hello and welcome I still find myself feeling "in over my head" all the time!
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