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    I retired 1 1/2 year ago and am loving it. The dollhouse I am working I bought for my daughters in 1976 for Christmas. It was fun decorating it then but I am having more fun now. We just got it out of storage in December where it had been for about 20 years. I am once again addicted to fullfilling the dream of making it come back to life. I am doing a complete renovation. <br />I love to travel, and do this as often as possible.<br /> I am a volunteer as a ground flight crew for Hot Air Ballons. <br />I volunteer for Dayton's Cox Arboretum in the Herbal Garden which is another love of mine. I am a Certified Aromotherapist.<br />I have two Bichon Frise's one is Cayce 15 years old and Bojangles 1 1/2 years old.<br />I am a twin and we are closer today then ever, imagine, if that is possible.

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  1. Bojangles

    1st Floor-Redux

    I love this...you are so talented...love the colors great job
  2. My Name is Sharon " Bojangles" and have been a member since 2009. My twin sister died on Sept 24, 2010...I am still getting by....one of the things I am doing for myself is reconnecting with groups such as this one...and trying to put my life back together again. It is so different without my tiwn...she was a miniature enthusiast... aso and I miss not building with her. I am so glad to be back and look forward to the forums, postings, etc. Thank you for being patient with me. Sharon
  3. You are right. I meant to say the Washington....Thanks so much
  4. OMG! You are right, it is the "Laurel" I love it..............I will post photos as I renovate it. Sharon
  5. Can anyone tell me who made this dollhouse? It was a kit and was put together in 1979. It was a punch out and has slots to put it together. It is a one inch scale and stands about 2 feet high. I found it on Craigslist for $25.00 and included a few pieces of furniture.
  6. Bojangles

    "Country Cottage"

    This is the Lisa's Cottage I have built. I liked the colors so much I did it on mine. I entered this vignette into the August 15 Three Blind Mice Show in Dayton Ohio and won First Place in Peoples Choice and First Place in Vignette.
  7. Wow! this is just adorable.
  8. Wow! a great find. They are so adorable.
  9. Good luck and have fun with your project.
  10. Bojangles


    Very nice. I love the colors....
  11. Love the colors. Have fun with your garage!
  12. Love the Sherwin Williams site................it is fun to use.
  13. I have ordered several items from them....it will come...they are excellent to deal with..
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