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  1. so did you get the kitchen range done??? I am wanting to do something similar in my kitchen..was wondering how you made out...
  2. so did you get the kitchen range done??? I am wanting to do something similar in my kitchen..was wondering how you made out...
  3. bjpersun07

    All the rooms

    It looks great. I also come across the fact that the rooms aren't big enough. I am disapointed also. What do you plan on putting in the upstairs room that goes out on the balcony?
  4. bjpersun07


    that is a beautiful find.
  5. has anyone ever been to this site or purchased anything from them?? just wondering if its better than Ebay.... I have registered and they are having a contest that ends the end of the month, the contest is trying to get more people to their page...so if you register could you please put me down as a referral "bjpersun07" thanks. http://miniaturesonly.kaqoo.com/ How to register and bid on MOA. (print this out and follow instructions... it's easy) Register: Go the http://miniaturesonly.kaqoo.com/See the word "register" middle of page on left hand column.Click on it and answer questions. (you will be giving yourself a name and a password TO BID Go to http://miniaturesonly.kaqoo.com/click on "all items" at top left side of page (or "search" if you are looking for a specific item:Find item to bid on and open it by clicking on itLog in (using the name you gave yourself when you registered)Enter the password you gave yourself when you registered.Scroll down to Bid on the itemIt will then preview your bid so you can either: cancel the bid or "make my bid" If you bid, you will get an email saying your bid was accepted... if you want to be sure you win you need to check to see if it has other bids
  6. Thanks for the link Rhonda. Wow!!!! Everyone did beautiful work!!!
  7. Hi I don't mean to sound stupid but I am still new to the mini world... who/what/where is HBS? I would love to enter more contest.... Please direct me in the right direction
  8. THAT's sandpaper!!!!! Oh my that is awesome
  9. THAT's sandpaper!!!!! Oh my that is awesome
  10. bjpersun07


    oh I can spare the space because all I have for the house is what you see, so I will be making lots of stuff, lots of time consuming stuff. I want to try my hand at stain window and thought that the attic would be a good place to start...
  11. bjpersun07


    Thanks for the great ideas, and feel free to get carried away... I could use all the help that I can get with ideas
  12. bjpersun07

    first mini workshop

    October 2008. My mini club and I had a workshop at the local library. We did a Halloween theme. Prior to the workshop at our meetings we made crafts for the children to use. We made pumpkins, ghosts, and caskets. Then we painted foam core and let the kids decorate.
  13. bjpersun07


    craft room gotta write that one down thanks
  14. bjpersun07


    This is my Brookwood. My best friend, Cheryl, picked it up at a yard sale for me last year. I work full time and take online classes; I got married two years ago and haven’t had time to work on it. I have lots and lots of ideas, and I write them down on anything and everything that I get my hands on then I put my notes in my book. My plans are to take it completely apart and start over. I don’t like the railing and want to do something more airy...I am hoping to find a bathroom set that will fit in it. I had one but because I trusted someone I got screwed out of lots of things. But that’s in the past and I am working on learning how to do different things, but I am open for suggestions....
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