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  1. i think its a really good idea
  2. i used it for shutters on the out side
  3. one of the blue mushroom containers from the produce dept might work
  4. still here check in everyday at least 4or 5 times a day
  5. barbm

    light house and keeper house

    the light house is made out of sunna tube
  6. i like using a web site that helps you to decide what color to use like /www.sherwin-williams.com/do_it_yourself/paint_colors/visualizer/ its for real houses but it dose work in a pinch
  7. are they the little triangle pieces or the fancy ones
  8. wher did the picture go that had the barbeque gift card holder from, home depot
  9. you can use hot glue but you will better results using arleene s tacky glue some people use both using the hot glue to hold while the tacky glue hardens like to tack in places not the whole seam
  10. im working on a light house made from a sonna tube
  11. i cut door ways one both sides and made the other one a sewing room
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