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  1. The Kensington Dollshouse Show will be online this year May, 14-20. I’ve had the privilege of twice attending the actual show so I highly recommend attending the online one. https://dollshouseshowcase.com/2021/02/09/kdf-summer-show-moves-online/
  2. Home Depot next to turpentine and solvents. Use outside and down wind. Wear rubber gloves.
  3. Take it outside and drizzle Xylene between the seams. Using a metal putty knife it will peel right off. Just wet with the Xylene and peel. I promise.
  4. After many experiences with lighting, now I only add one LED Ceiling “high hat” per room.
  5. Congratulations! Will be her best Christmas ever.
  6. Drama or not, I’m watching the entire series of 4 shows in order to support Miniaturists.
  7. It’s not 9:00 yet. How could you watch tonight’s show already?
  8. I was so excited to find one of these kits but my HL isn’t carrying them, yet. Not online either.
  9. Xylene with the proper precautions will remove it in an instant.
  10. A few weeks ago I thought I read a request for a Commercial Kitchen vendor. I was busy at the time and eventually forgot to reply to the post. Anyway, I’d like to respond now but I can’t locate the thread. So here it is: https://www.elfminiatures.co.uk/Commercial+Kitchens%2FCafes+PU1ETnhBVE02a25jdmRXWjBGMlk
  11. Boarder wallpaper paste in a tub from HD or Lowe’s.
  12. I’m always concerned about older kits. You never know what conditions they’ve been stored in. Damp basement, humid attic, behind a smokers sofa....
  13. Welcome. All of my exterior attempts have been short lived due to weather conditions. Even pressure treated wood has failed for me. I like the plexiglass idea. I would cover it with either premixed sanded grout if you want a stucco affect or the new “As Seen on TV” Flex Paste, which you could shape.
  14. I generally strip the entire house of windows, trim and wallpaper. Then I take the house outside, give it a good cleaning and spray paint the entire house with Kilz primer. A clean slate helps with my creativity. In my case, I’ve always purchased new windows And sometimes changed the openings so pulling the old ones off was not a problem.
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