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  1. Dont get frustrated or give up! There are several members on here that have built the Pierce and can give you help. There's a really great blog here from a member named Tracy: http://www.greenleaf...&tag=The+Pierce, she is pretty darn detailed in her tutorials. And you can always ask a question of anyone here, there's no such thing as a dumb question.
  2. The photos above are what first caught my eye. The one below seems very do-able for my servants to get to the attic to get to bed.
  3. I'm researching stair alternatives for the Fairfield. I cannot fathom having a bedroom in the attic without some sort of access and egress. The best solution for me and this situation is to go with an alternating tread stairway. I am posting from my phone, so I can't attach a photo, but if you can, look it up. Rumor has it, Thomas Jefferson used these for servants in his home, so they won't be anachronistic in my little 1890's Victorian.
  4. I've never had the luxery of working in birch, but yes, I can imagine it would be lovely. Something's got to give to support my habit, so I typically can only afford the older die-cut kits, not the new fancy laser-cut kits.
  5. I typically wire with tape runs on the ceiling, so yes, the paper covers up the tape runs.
  6. Depending on the room, I'll typically paint the ceiling white and then add a vellum over that. In fancy rooms like a Dining Room it really sets the tone well. Most other ceilings I don't paper unless I'm going to electrify, and if I do that, I'll use a cream or white paper.
  7. Good point! I suppose that's why crown molding was made after all, isn't it? I made some progress yesterday after I took the stair sub assembly apart for the 3rd time and sanded the heck out of it. It looks up to par now, so it got glued back together. Today I'm dedicating to the entry floor, I want to get that put together before I glue everything else around it into place.
  8. This is my first half-scale, yes. I've built quite a few in 1" scale and those didn't give me nearly the trouble that this little Fairfield has. I think my biggest issues are that the wood is so fragile, and even sealing it didn't help as much as I wanted, and the fit is just not as tight as I wish it was, so it's taking a lot more finessing than I've had to do on the full scale houses.
  9. After 2 years of sitting on a shelf, the Fairfield told me it's a painted lady. It also told me it's a period house, so no modern furniture. And the picky little house told me that it wants to be done in a few months. Oh boy! I'm not at all happy with the fit of these pieces, everything is just really uneven and the dry fit is leaving me highly discouraged.
  10. looks fantastic, honestly!
  11. I purchased the Victorian Bay Kit and the Cape May Cottage Kit. The Victorian Bay is the one with the porch that wraps front to side with the bay windows on the front. And the Cape May cottage is the cute little painted lady looking house.
  12. So I opened up my e-mails after lunch and there was the 20% off for 20 hours sale from HBS!!! I ordered a couple of 1/144 scale houses. I think I'm ready to delve into these in some detail, so it's great to get them for such a good price. What are you going to get?
  13. It's a reaaaaallly long cord. I don't have pics, camera is going wonky. And the folks will be picking it up for the auction soon.
  14. I meant the tower, yeah. Long week here. I did end up lighting it with a kinda fancy bulb. I'm glad I did, it looks great.
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