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  1. Im actually thinking of trying to figure out a way to build a spiral staircase in mine to save space
  2. I'm planning to have at least the one large room then a smaller room for bathroom
  3. I've cut some different wall paper patterns already for the difficult areas so there shouldn't be much of a problem slipping them in and gluing...or so I hope and thanks for the tip to leave the roof off until later.
  4. I think I will assemble most if not all of the dollhouse first then try to do some kind of weathered siding and figure out what I'd like to do for inside after that.
  5. Thanks loads and I never would have thought to try thin cardboard strips...this is a great forum
  6. Yep that's what I'm looking for Yep that's what I'm looking for. I'll see what I can find on google.
  7. I plan to finally begin building my Orchid house today but researching a few ways of painting certain parts first. I will post more once I get myself in gear.
  8. I'm not sure if this is the correct area of the forum to ask this but it relates to my Orchid build so here goes...I've seen some pictures of very nice simulated wood siding paint jobs and wondered how to get the same effect myself. What I mean is making the flat wood sides look like they are painted siding like worn white paint. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  9. I searched the gallery but couldn't find anything called abloom edit: found it
  10. Yep, some of my work can be viewed on my youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/maverick50616/videos I've browsed around here a bit over the past few days and am amazed at what others have done with these little houses.
  11. Thanks Kathie for the tip, I have a container of balsa wood filler here somewhere that should do the trick nicely.
  12. Well I've finally started my build of "The Orchid" dollhouse. I haven't really gotten very far yet. So far I've spent time removing all of the die cut pieces and labeling and bagging them (I sanded both sides of the diecut sheets first). Today I spent several hours sanding the edges of every part and will hopefully begin assembly this evening. More updates with pictures to come.
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