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  1. 49 minutes ago, Mid-life madness said:

    Beautiful scene

    Thank you Carrie, I'm enjoying building after such a long break.


    1 hour ago, otterine said:

    I can just hear the giggling. :D  Love this project!

    Thanks Brae, they are enjoying themselves I think.

    4 hours ago, chapchap73 said:

    :eek::clap:These ladies are just terrific! I'd love to be a kitty in the corner, hearing all their stories.

    Thank you so much Sarah, there is a kitty down by the fire but I'm afraid its a rather ugly plastic one. I know I have a furry one somewhere - but hey, like all cats it will come back home soon.

    1 hour ago, Elsbeth said:

    Who made the dolls? They are amazing. I love it all -- the fireplace, the boxbeds, the new chest --wonderful to look at --thank you!

    I'm so glad you like it Elsbeth. I tried to incorporate all the elements that said cosy old cottage to me. I made the dolls.

    1 hour ago, otterine said:

    I can just hear the giggling. :D  Love this project!

    Thanks Brae, yes these ladies are enjoying the gettogether

    6 hours ago, MikeUK said:

    You're a true artist Jo!

    Thank you Mike, that means a lot to me.

  2. I had to add this one to show the beautiful chest that I bought from an Etsy seller called "Constance Irene" Its made by the same artisan who made the table and stool. He lives on and works from a narrow boat called the Constance Irene. This chest has lovely iron hinges and looks suitably old.


  3. Hi Selkie thank you, so good to speak to you again, missed you too.

    Yes the scullery will be on the left down a couple of steps. I don't know what it is with me but one room in a room box is never enough.

  4. Thank you Mike. Wish we could have scents and sounds for our minis. I know you can add essential oils to perfume houses and I'm guessing it would be possible to run audio but not the smell of baking or coffee brewing and the sounds of a fire crackling and pots and pans clattering. Well who knows, maybe you can.

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