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  1. APPLAUSE! WHISTLING!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Magnificent, wonderful. I loved this contest so much and cannot wait for the next. Jen's windmill is one of my favorites too. I do not know how the jusdges sorted through this. You are right, every one is a winner. So much creative talent and diversity. Not to mention that everyone is just so darned nice. :music_band:
  2. marcat1702003

    Cottage 10.jpg

    This house is delicious!!
  3. I would like to get involved in this sort of project. These houses are inspirational.
  4. Selkie, This is my first EVER too! I was pretty worried about posting my pics but oh my, what a wonderful contest. I am really excited to see all the beautiful entries. I'm glad I don't have to choose. Cuz I'd pick this one and that one and the other one and.... When I look at some of the entries I feel like I am in the presence of great mini-ness! This was such fun.
  5. Yep that's a still. I even went on line to see how to make one. I must admit, I kinda lived in here the whole time I was working on it. I even discovered I could paint miniatures. Was hard to come back to reality. This is so much more fun.
  6. Totally original idea! Wow.
  7. I have Vista too, on a Dell, but I have a PC worx program that lets a technician in via internet to adjust/fix problems. I've only needed him once, but it was very worth it. I have all my family tree stuff on hard copy. I had to do it all over a few years ago when my compaq died.
  8. Amazingly creative and unique. Your veggies look good enough to eat! I grew up in an area with several underground shelters. This is pretty much the way they were. A piece of forgotten history. I love this.
  9. marcat1702003


    I agree with Lindsay. Wow. This is beautiful.
  10. marcat1702003


    I called my whole family in to see this! Oh my, I haven't laughed this hard in a while. Go Granny, Go. Gotta love the pole!!
  11. I agree with all the comments here. Great look, nice work. Bravo.
  12. marcat1702003

    Interior full.

    So many ideas in such a small house. Your walls are incredible! The finish on each area is super clean. You're and artist for sure.
  13. This is so bright and cheery. I love your colors and think the two Flings go perfectly together.
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