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  1. Hi Margarita, I'm sorry I can't comment on kidney stones because my Murry hasn't had them. I just wanted to write back to say how awful I feel for you and your poor kitty. She's young but has so many health problems, so trying to fix her with surgery might indeed put you both through hell. If there were any other option (besides surgery), I would consider it even if it meant daily pills and occasional vet visits, as long as she seemed to get more comfortable. Don't let the vet talk you into another surgery if you don't want one. It may not be best for your kitty. Your kitty will find a way to
  2. Well obviously you were paying too much attention to your house and not enough to your house-cat. What a beast! Sounds like my Murry aka Moo aka Cat-zilla. Gotta love them!
  3. Hi all, I wanted to let you know how your ideas worked out. I am done with the windows and they look almost perfect! I ended up combining your recommendations. I used Alene's Tacky Glue - the one in pen form - to lay a tiny glue line around the frame; let it sit for a few minutes; laid the window on the frame; and clipped the frame and window together with small binder clips (about 6 clips for each window). This method truly worked wonderfully -- way better than the instructions included in the box -- and I really appreciate your putting me in the right direction. Thanks again, ~Karen
  4. LOVE it! That is precious. Gee I never use that word, but it seems perfect here. Thanks so much for sharing.
  5. MaggieC


    Gina, I love your Orchid. You did a great job! I especially love the wallpaper in the kitchen and the photo downstairs. And of course the rust red color throughout is wonderful. Awesome! Thank you for sharing. ~Karen
  6. That was hysterical about the dead baby raccoon! Chattycathy thank you for sharing that one (and sheesh!) Thanks to all who took a moment to read through my long post. Feel free to share your furry baby stories any time. Love them!
  7. I love the colors! It's so adorable. Congratulations!
  8. I love your deep, rich floors, and especially the first floor wallpaper. Is the wallpaper on the right more rose or more plum? on my monitor it looks plum and beautiful with the floors. Excellent work.
  9. I feel compelled to share two funny things that happened over the last week. I think they will appeal to dollhouse folk and animal lovers. First, let me set the stage by saying I have a big ol' cat named Murry (aka "Moo"). He's very independent, and my hubby and I joke that he's actually not a cat, he's aloof. Just our freakish humor. Second, I am making this particular dollhouse for my niece. True Story #1) I've got dollhouse stuff strewn everywhere in my front room and have been sanding, gluing, and painting tiny furniture. I've been moving the pieces here and there to try them in dif
  10. Very cool! I hadn't noticed that scene in that movie before. But now that you've got me thinking about it...One of my favorite scenes in an old musical is Greta Garbo's very brief singing and dancing appearance in the number "Let's Knock Knees" in .... what was it .... Oh lord I can't remember. Was it The Gay Divorcee? Yep, just googled it. For some reason that scene really stuck with me. I'm 43 so obviously wasn't around when that movie first came out, but I do love watching TCM. Maybe my brain is older than 43 because it takes so long to remember these things.
  11. I love your fireplace idea! Of course that could be because I've never bashed in my life (I'm just finishing my 2nd dollhouse) and find bashers to be amazing. I will be very impressed whatever you decide, but I really resonated with the fireplace idea.
  12. Thanks much for the recommendation. I was wondering whether it would be too cutesie. Sounds like it'll be just fine. And I am definitely a pet lover. Happy Tuesday to you.
  13. Pastalinda took the words right out of my mouth! Laptop and Visa, that's all I need.
  14. Pretty inspired idea. I'm going to use it when I start on my next house (the Arthur). THANK YOU!
  15. Hi Mandy, I'm new, too, in Eugene, Oregon. I'm finishing my second dollhouse. It's the Coventry Cottage and is one of the smaller-sized 1" scale houses. The hardest thing about it was the shingles (only because it took a lot of planning and preparation and cutting). I'm having trouble with glueing the windows, but that's because of inexperience, and I'm planning to use some advice I got on this board to finish gluing them. But in my very limited experience working with dollhouses, this has been a great house. It's not as big as other houses, is relatively easy to put together when following th
  16. Sounds like you're moving forward, but thought I'd put in my two cents now that I've looked at your pix and viewed all the posts. I'm new to this so this is defnitely an unprofessional opinion, but I loved your original room setup and your original rug #1. It was just so vibrant and made the room so cozy and fun. That said...it's pretty funny how each of the folks who have replied have had different takes on it, though.
  17. Wow, Heidi, thank you for posting this. It's funny, I certainly didn't live through the Great Depression but I've always been curious about what they eat. My mate says I should have been born during that time because I'm so good at collecting and saving just about everything.
  18. Thank you all, so much. I'm going to try your suggestions and will go to the craft store and compare the Aleene's Craft glue and the Quick Grip glue. Aleene's may be better for me at this early stage in my hobbying process -- I'm still a bit thumby if you know what I mean. The toothpick idea is great and I'll use it. About removing unwanted glue: I think I was actually trying too hard to correct my previous mistakes -- In trying to fix things I was pushing really hard and getting too much water in the parts I had meant to stay glued, so everything came apart. Doy. Christinee, is Oops the
  19. I'm building a house (the Coventry Cottage) and it includes a clear plastic silk screened window sheet. This is my first time of putting in plastic windows, so I read the instructions carefully and accordingly am using white glue (Elmers) to glue each window between its framing pieces, placing it between wax paper sheets and under a book til it's dry. Well, no matter how careful I am, the glue ends up somewhere that I don't want it -- ie on the window where it shows and when I try to scrape it off, it ruins the plastic by creasing it. I tried to use instant glue (Krazy glue type), but that wou
  20. Oops, you are so right! Sheesh, an error in my first post. Oh well. :groucho: The Fantasy Villa is indeed 1/2 inch scale. Typing too fast. Thank you for the warm welcome.
  21. Hi everyone, I'm just finishing my second dollhouse and figured I'm getting serious about this (wonderful!) hobby, so I joined the forum. I'm 43 years old and live in Oregon with my life partner of 10+ years, James, where we have a little house of our own and one quiet cat. I was looking for a new hobby and thought I might enjoy putting puzzles together, so last year that's what I did. At some point I found the Fantasy Villa wooden 3D house puzzle and got hooked on the idea of making a real mini house. I finished that out as a complete 1/4 scale dollhouse and will post photos of it. I made man
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