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  1. I also bought a Fairfield. I have one already, but with lots mistakes!!! I have learned alot since I built it. I want to try again.
  2. katmarc


    Thank you. Yes, I did make the door. I really couldn't find anything I liked in 1/2" scale. So, I gave it a try. I was pleased on how it turned out!
  3. katmarc

    1/2 scale Bungalow

    I have started the 1/2 scale Bungalow. I am trying to make everything inside from scratch.
  4. katmarc

    Fireplace Embers

    I love your fireplace , beautiful job. So is the rest of the interior. :thumb:
  5. katmarc


    Thank you everyone for the very nice comments. I did make the cabinets my self. Very tedious at 1/2" scale!
  6. Thank you so much I just ordered the 1/2 scale Bungalow. I can't wait!
  7. katmarc

    one of my scratch built houses

    I designed this house from a photo.Scale is 1/12. It's so huge I can't get it through most doorways, but I love it anyway!
  8. I hope to get the Vineyard someday, but my purse says " no, not right now." So, I can't wait to follow your progress. Post lots of pictures!
  9. I did egg carton stone on my Fairfield. I did one wall first to make sure I liked the whole look, then I went on with the rest of the house. It's lots of fun!
  10. I had no idea there was a Dollhouse Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. I only live 2 1/2 hours away, now I can't wait to go! Thanks for the info!
  11. I use mod podge for my wallpaper that I print on cardstock. It works great!
  12. I went to our local Michaels today. They finally had all three houses! I bought them all! $10.00 total. :lol:
  13. Hi everyone! I've been making dollhouses for many years, kits and scratch built. 1/24 scale is my favorite ( I can fit a lot more in my house)!
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