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    Collect dolls, teddy bears, model trains, and Bonanza memorabilia (the television Western and Joe is my favorite) Do all sorts of needlework...knitting, crochet, cross stitch,quilting, embroidery. I love cats and dogs...six cats, Phoebe, Chloe, Meeko , Yoshi, Lily Rose and Milo and the geriatric Cocker Spaniel, Brinkley. I collect anything to do with fairies. My music likes are classical, opera and soundtracks from movies.

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  1. Kat, I have the Buttercup, the Sugarplum and the mini village...plus the Orchid is my next one to buy. I do have to finish the Arthur (the Pink Cottage...everything is pink or white in it). The ouside is painted pink with white trim.
  2. My Arthur house is in the finishing stages, but I still have a way to go. I have learned a great deal on building this one. The next time I will paint pieces as I put it together. Also, I will wallpaper the inside as I proceed in building the house. My big mistake was building it all at once; then trying to paint it. I thought about electrifying this dollhouse, but it still makes me a bit nervous. I have a few more cottages to build,so I will test my new ways of building and painting on them.
  3. Thanks everyone for the welcome. I do want to build the Ponderosa ranch house but in the 1":1' scale. I'm not always on the planet when it comes to writing messages. I do love my pets.
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm sort of a beginner. I have my Arthur almost finished, except for the porch and shingles. I can't wait until I finish the outside, then to the decorating of the inside. I have been collecting the furnishings for the inside for months. I am retired. I live in a small town near the University of GA with 6 cats and a geriatric Cocker Spaniel. I also collect dolls, bears, trains, and Bonanza memorabilia (trying to figure the dimensions of the Ponderosa house to build in 1:1 scale). I love to do all sorts of needlework and quilting. Hope to incorporate some of my interests in my doohouse decorating. Glad to be here.
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