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  1. Thanks all! Actually, I am building the 1" Willow. I did not do a great job with the steps and I was so disappointed, so I ordered a set and used wood flooring to make the opening smaller - since the steps are not as wide. I also faced them in the opposite direction - which I really like. I would love to post a couple of photos, but have not figured out where to do that yet???? Greenleaf has been kind enough to send me a few new parts, as my roof was warped and the pieces I cannot get out were not cut properly. I'll figure this out eventually. So if you could tell me where to go to post a ph
  2. Hello all, This is something very new to me, but already I am loving it. I wish I would have found this forum before I started my first project, but hopefully I will learn a lot from you. I live in Fl., just retired from 19 yrs of Real Estate. I play gold, but my other passion is playpal dolls. I lived in W. Pa most of my life and had a great old attic to play in and this brings back some wonderful memories. My real question is: How in the world do you get those pieces out that are not cut all the way through. That is when I thought I would lose my mind! Thanks, Nancy
  3. nunziata

    Willow Progress

    Oh I wish I had seen this before I started mine. Your lines are so much cleaner around the windows. How did you do that? This is my first and although I am enjoying it, I am so new at it and very disappointed at how the finishing looks. Your comments would help. Thanks, Nancy
  4. Having a problem getting a few of the pieces punched out of sheet #2. Using a very sharp straight edge razor and do not want to lose a finger. Any suggestions? I am at a standstill and do not want any of the other pieces to break in the process. Thanks
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