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  1. fmlbsdrvr

    The rooms

    It looks great, good luck on the fundraiser. My Dad built me the same one 20 years ago and I just did it up about 2 1/2 years ago. He had ordered it through Lee Valley. I love it because my Dad built it for me and that it is my first house...I believe I do have pics posted if you would like to see it...and your right, the stairs take up alot of space, but I did manage to put a bathroom on the second floor between the two bedrooms......... Karin
  2. I love the sunflower wallpaper and boarder.........it looks great.....(of course sunflowers are my favorite)
  3. OMG! I LUV IT!!!! What a great job! It is better than the one I had tried to get.......... Aaron, you did a great job........ Don't forget to put your "john henry" on it and the date..........it is an original for sure......... Thanks so much.......... You are very talented.......... Karin
  4. I LIKE IT ! ! ! I think it is shaping up quite nicely! If I could make a suggestion or three.......maybe four....... I like the purple/mauve trim, but I would add the mauve the whole way around the windows, make them stand out more...even make the window trim wider, more stately. I too like the rose vine or ivy vine up the house wall in the blank area.....you could also add a sign in that area saying something like.... "Built 2008, Est. 2009" with a symbal or flower motif in the middle... The roof edges I would add a white flat board to outline the peaks, you know, wha
  5. I bought the same "shed" for myself and a friend.........I also thought they were cute...and I to seen the tiki bird feeder, but in Saint John Micheals I did not see any new hutches. Heading to Fredericton Thursday and they have a new Micheals there and I'll be checking it out for sure..........
  6. They are all so beautiful........did you use the grain of wheat bulbs? Can you put plugs on the end of those tiny wires? How much burning time do you get out of those tiny bulbs? Thanks for posting your pictures, you have inspired me to try making a lamp again......... Karin
  7. OMG! These are all beautiful! Did you use the grain of wheat bulbs? And if so, can you put plugs on the end of those little wires? I have been wanting to make my own lights, but am stumped on the bulbs to use. I do have the screw bulbs, but they are to be too big to hide in the beads things........ Thank you for posting..... Karin
  8. I hope you will be ok. I know how hard it is to have health problems and when the problems are so called "better" then the brain has to wrap itself around that fact. I do hope you feel better and once spring/summer comes along things will look up. Winter is a hard time for everybody, not just the ill at health, but the strong at will. But, it is the last day of February, and hopefully March will start showing signs of the winter thaw... Take care, Karin
  9. Well, I finally posted the projects I have done.....If I could just get off the couch and go to "my room" maybe the house would get built. I said to Barb the other day that these projects would be good to do in summer when camping, not in the winter when the Newburg needs to be built and is too hard to take camping....LOL I hope you enjoy the photos. And, as you will notice, photography is NOT my strong suit.......... Karin
  10. fmlbsdrvr

    Couch potato projects

    I am building a Newburg with an addition and a gazebo off the front porch. I am decorating it in Shabby Chic, so it is going to be "girly".
  11. Your quite welcome. My friend Barb and I are always searching ebay and sending links back and forth..... Good luck making your unique fireplace and be sure to post pictures when it's done.... I have been searching for a nice white shabby chic fireplace and I am also thinking I may end up making it myself, but the thoughts...I have so many ideas running in my head and wonder if I'll ever get to actually work on those thoughts...LOL I need to concentrate on actually building the dollhouse first..LOL Take care, Karin
  12. OH yeah, here is the link........... http://cgi.ebay.ca/Dollhouse-Miniature-Fur...A1%7C240%3A1318
  13. <H1 class=itemTitle>Dollhouse Miniature Furniture~ Victorian Fireplace~ MAH I read a topic a couple of days ago about someone who had been outbid on Ebay for a Victorian Fireplace and I cannot find the topic to find out who it was....If anyone remembers this topic and knows the person can you forward this on. I found the same fireplace on Ebay. I have attached a picture. Thanks, Karin</H1>
  14. <H1 class=itemTitle><H1 class=itemTitle>I notice a topic on the forum but I can't find it now or who it was by, but I did find another victorian fireplace on Ebay and here is the link............If anyone remembers who made the post can they forward this on them.......Thanks, Karin http://cgi.ebay.ca/Dollhouse-Miniature-Fur...A1%7C240%3A1318</H1></H1>
  15. Well, I am a little disgusted with myself for becoming somewhat of a couch potato! The winter is taking it's toll on me. I am tired of all the snow in New Brunswick. It is hard getting around, my legs are acting up, I am so glad March Break starts next week, maybe it is what I need to get back on my feet. Never-the-less I have made a few projects from the couch. I've made my friend Barb a macreme plant hanger, and a knit capert threaded with shinny gold and red thread. I have also finished the lacy crochet bedspread and pillow shams. But I took it a step further and made the bed to put
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