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  1. Hi guys. I bought the LIsa Kay kit two years ago, and just got around to opening the box this afternoon. Sadly, there are no instructions. That wouldn't be such a big deal if there weren't several major pieces that are badly warped. Because I can't be sure whether my dry-fitting is out of whack because of the warping or because I'm trying to force a piece in the wrong place, I'd like to see some guidelines. Anybody out there have instructions for this or any of the similar HJB kits? There are several that are nearly identical layouts, but of course the instructiions for the LIsa Kay would be most helpful. I notice there are a few variations within the same 'model' when you search online for images. Some have two staircases. The one I bought has only one. I've always done Greenleaf kits, so I'm very unfamiliar with this thickness of wood. It doesn't have the flexibility of the thinner materials, and it's much less forgiving. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.
  2. Deb G

    Polymer Clay Minis

    I haven't been able to find flowers or plants small enough to look "real", so I'm trying my hand at making my own.
  3. Deb G

    powder room 2

    Thank you! I just couldn't imagine even a one room cottage without a bathroom!
  4. I just added some images to my own Bashed Buttercup album in my gallery, and there are some shots of the Paperclay shingles and stonework I used on mine. I'd be happy to help, if you have any questions or want to try it, too.
  5. Deb G

    Bashed Buttercup

    This is only the second dollhouse I've started, although there are three more in the boxes waiting for my attention. I'm bashing this one a bit, just because it looks like so much fun.
  6. It's standard height, but I only found one way to add a stairway. You can see more images of the house in my gallery, but this is the only one of the stairs. I have to take some with the railings and post them. There's a powder room under the stairs, too! I can't do a house without a bathroom.
  7. My local Hobby Lobby has also greatly reduced the selection of miniature items. They seem geared more toward becoming a Pier One than a craft store, to be honest. They have a huge selection of themed decorating items that takes up the entire front half of the large store. Between the furniture/lamps/glassware/bric-a-brac and the florist supplies, there's not much room for crafts. Very disappointing. Michael's has remodeled their local store and it looks attractive, but the miniature items there have always been an afterthought. If not for the online stores, there would be next to nothing available.
  8. Absolutely fabulous job! The details you've added are perfect. Love the box window in the bathroom. Putting it all together in reverse is amazing enough, but the exquisite workmanship is just dazzling. I've spent many an hour myself on tending to picky teeny details on this house, so I can probably appreciate the outcome better than most, although anyone can see how much love and care went into this construction. Well done!!! :thumb:
  9. I've only wired two houses, but I found using tape wire as the main connection along the bottom of the house (underneath the floor) and soldering round wire from the outlets and fixtures worked very well and had none of the issues I've seen discussed with using either method alone. And I found that soldering is also fun to do. It makes me feel so workman-ish, if that makes sense. <g>
  10. Deb G

    Day 20 5

    I think the trim does a fine job, and it looks very authentic. Stucco would be very challenging at this stage, I think, but if anyone can do it, you can!
  11. Deb G

    more trimwork obviously

    I used a ton of DAP on the joints and seams in my glencroft. It was one of the most time consuming parts, I think, other than getting that crazy roof over the front door clamped. My next Glencroft is going to have a replacement for that roof piece, I promise. One that actually is thin and flexible enough to hold the shape.
  12. Deb G

    Even closer

    Oh my gosh, what a cool trick! It may be an old one, but I had never heard of it. You have given me some great ideas. Isn't it funny how one thought leads to another and another and... That's why I LOVE this forum. Eye candy galore and so many cool tricks!
  13. Deb G

    The dreaded beams

    I'll be working on my second Glencroft in a few weeks, and I'll be ignoring the instructions regarding the beams. The holes in the walls are silly, and the instructions make zero sense. I love the look of the beams and will, of course, install them, but it's going to be balsa wood, probably, and definitely glued to the ceiling with the ends glued to the OUTSIDE of the walls.
  14. Deb G

    2nd floor

    I've never seen anyone treat that chimney wall the way you have, and yours makes perfect sense! Very very cool.
  15. Deb G


    My cats have claws and they love to help just a little too much. I WISH I could allow them in the same room with the minis! It would make life so much easier! Lola is a beauty!
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