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About Me

Thanks for stopping by my spot. I absolutely love this place.

Anyway, I'm a miniature addict (but aren't we all? Isn't that why we are all here?? Oh dear, or is it just ME???)!

I built my first dollhouse back in 1995 and can't seem to stop. I tend to buy, buy, buy, and then run out of time to build, build, build. I'm hoping to retire some day and spend my days working on all of the houses I've purchased! However, for now I am forced to continue working as a paralegal, playing mommy, riding my motorcycle, and enjoying every day life!

I am currently working on The Apple Blossom by Walmer/Real Good Toys. This house will be "dedicated" to the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. (I've built two Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. dollhouses and figured it was time to do a Delta House.)

I'm continuously working on my "Le Reve" Estate. It originally began as a 3200 Real Good Toys Shell Kit and has grown with 4 extensions and 1 garage! I'll probably NEVER finish it, as I'm always finding something else to buy to go inside of it. Plus, the more I learn about minis, the more I change it.

The Foxhall Manor and Thornhill have been added to my "on-going project list." While the Foxhall will have more exquisite items, the Thornhill will be a more modern-styled home.

I hope you enjoy watching as I build, build, build. And please, don't hesitate to send me a shout, I love getting to know people, even if it is in cyber world!


Completed: The Arthur, The Orchid, The San Franciscan x 2 (Dura-Craft), The Victorian Cottage Jr. (Disney-Inspired House), The Rutherford (Artply), and The Laurel & Primrose (AKA Inspired House), The Madison, "Hello Kitty"-Inspired House (Dura-Craft); The Allison, Jr., "AKA II"; and The Peaches N Cream (Walmer/Real Good Toys).

Working On: Lilliput Apple Blossom (Walmer/Real Good Toys), Victoria's Farmhouse (Real Good Toys), Foxhall Manor (Real Good Toys), Thornhill (Real Good Toys), Half-Scale Elizabeth Anne, and Le Reve Estate (3200 Shell Kit by Real Good Toys)

Still in Box(es): The Alexandria (Dura-Craft), The Arthur (Greenleaf), The Farmhouse (Dura-Craft), The Westville (Greenleaf), The Worthington (Artply), The Newport & Extension (Real Good Toys), 10 Room Dream House (Arrow), The Rutherford (Artply), Victoria's Farmhouse (Real Good Toys/Walmer), and A General Store (Real Good Toys).

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