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  1. LOL I have that book too...hmmmm. ;)
  2. I just reviewed Microcrafts by Margaret McGuire et al. on my blog (here is the link: http://lindasminis.blogspot.com/2013/05/book-review-and-owls.html). I found it very fun, while not necessarily geared toward miniaturists, but definitely adaptable for our hobby). More details are given if you click on the link. ;)
  3. lauker


    Very true, Eden Chan! I actually replaced it with a white wire screen which opens up the room a little more. I do love this screen, though!
  4. Hello, fellow scientist! :-D I'm a marine biologist, but I completely concur.
  5. lauker


  6. lauker

    100 1049

    Those curtains are so pretty!
  7. lauker

    PA Dutch 82

    This is so awesome! I LOVE PA Dutch stuff (it's part of my heritage) and I just built a miniature historical society that is set in PA Dutch country. Your house is so colorful and it reminds me of one of those touristy places along Route 30 in Lancaster County, PA. :-D Great work!
  8. Right now, I just finished up the window box of the Glencroft which I had neglected to fill before. I am also organizing the craft area, trying to stop playing with my new toy (iPad) and making plans for the historical society I am building next. Oh, and making goodies for my etsy shop, too. :-D
  9. I love what you did with the exterior of this house. This looks like something I'd see along the road in Vermont, especially with the roof as you've done it. The siding is also wonderfully realistic!
  10. lauker


    I actually like it too! But I also like the idea of washing it with white or adding some colorful details elsewhere.
  11. I've been pretty active lately with crafting minis. I am working on the details of the Glencroft interior now, working room by room. Finishing up the bathroom soon and working on the bedroom. I'll need to redress (and maybe refinish) the bed, make some slippers and some other things that might be found in a modernish bedroom and also for the writing desk that is in the bedroom. This is my favorite part of dollhouse building. :-D (Some pics in the gallery - more on my blog.)
  12. lauker


    I love the rope trims!!!
  13. lauker


    Well done!! The open staircase really opens up that upstairs room.
  14. lauker

    Front Progress WEB

    Amazing!!! I think I want to do something like this with my Canterbury when I start building her.
  15. Fantastic job on the bash! I love chaise lounges and would also like one in my 1:1 home.
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