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  1. I love it! Very beautiful; creative.
  2. That is a neat idea! I like that!
  3. Wow! This is awesome! Do you have more photos of this? Have you done anything else to this project? I love it! I have a Beacon Hill kit waiting for me in the box; this is a big inspiration to me; for sure.
  4. What type of clay is that? Is it a "air dry" clay? I have some air dry clay that I had ordered and it was the wrong type of clay for the projects that I was working on; at the time. Ummmm; perhaps I can use it on one of my Orchid kits? I have two Orchid kits; still in their boxes, I am using them to practice on. You are inspiring me! Love the fireplace that you have created; can't wait to see whatelse you do to this thing! Love it! Michelle
  5. Love it! I have that same little rocking chair! ha ha ha Oh how I love the Chrysnbon kits! Looking forward to seeing what you accomplish next; great job! Michelle
  6. I am in a very small town; Pauls Valley, Oklahoma. I am an hour south of OKC and two 1/2 hours north of Dallas TX.
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