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  1. I love it! Very beautiful; creative.
  2. That is a neat idea! I like that!
  3. I like your idea!!! I am going to be working on a smaller kit; The Orchid, again. LOL This will be my third attempt at it; I am using this kit to practice on. The second kit; I bashed, I am tempted to do another bash... bashing a kit is so much fun! Then I probably will assemble another Orchid; just so that I own a Orchid dollhouse that I am proud of.
  4. Wow! This is awesome! Do you have more photos of this? Have you done anything else to this project? I love it! I have a Beacon Hill kit waiting for me in the box; this is a big inspiration to me; for sure.
  5. What type of clay is that? Is it a "air dry" clay? I have some air dry clay that I had ordered and it was the wrong type of clay for the projects that I was working on; at the time. Ummmm; perhaps I can use it on one of my Orchid kits? I have two Orchid kits; still in their boxes, I am using them to practice on. You are inspiring me! Love the fireplace that you have created; can't wait to see whatelse you do to this thing! Love it! Michelle
  6. Love it! I have that same little rocking chair! ha ha ha Oh how I love the Chrysnbon kits! Looking forward to seeing what you accomplish next; great job! Michelle
  7. Hi Linda; welcome to the site, I am a new member too (as of yesterday). I love your "Little House On The Prairie" dollhouse idea. I can't wait to see photos of it; whenever you pursue that dream. I love the dollhouses with the historical themes. Michelle
  8. Wow; Andrea! I want to see photos of your work. Do you have a gallery; yet? I will have to look; I am still pretty new here. (just joined the site yesterday) I will have to start going to garage sales, and a few of the flea markets (the indoor ones) around here and see if I can find a great find. Michelle
  9. I have the Beacon Hill dollhouse kit; too, still in the box. I agree with you; to build it in one place where you don't have to move it. I am not sure what my future holds; meaning where I will be living in the next few years. My sister and I inherited a farm (320 acres); and after probate we will split it. She already told me that I can have the farmhouse and buildings; if it is meant to be, I will have a few buildings to choose from, to use as a place to do my hobbies. I have a few hobby interests; I like the doll repaints and working with polymer clay and dollhouses. I think my first
  10. I like working with the Orchid kits; I will be working on my third one, soon. Worked a little over a year on a "Bashed" version of the Orchid. I am not sure if I am going to do another "bashed" version or just do it the way it is meant to be. LOL I didn't know the term "Bashed" until one lady explained to me that I did that with my Orchid kit. ha ha ha Love it. I sure would like to see the photos of your work; I like seeing what other people do with the Orchid kit. There are so many talented people with wonderful ideas out there. This is a fun rewarding hobby. Michelle
  11. Hi Rebecca! I always have loved that name. Welcome to the site! Michelle
  12. Hi Jeanie; I was reading your post and it really sounds neat; the things that you are working on. I love historical themed dollhouses. I do not know how to do the dollhouse lighting; either. I read on a blog somewhere; where a lady used the puck LED lighting (battery kind). I went online; on EBay and won some of those lights and used it in my Orchid bash project. If you go to my website below; you can see the lights in my youtube video. I won my lights for $26; I thought that was pretty good. They are hard to win on EBay. Then I noticed some fancy bright battery operated miniature doll
  13. Hi MaryKate! I am excited to see what you come up with; in your dollhouse project!
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