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  1. Hi I was reading one of the forum that using Hot Glue is a Big No, No. Can someone explain to me why using Hot Glue is a Big No, No? and, what is the best glue to put a dollhouse together? I'm curious Thanks, Gina
  2. Thanks for your comments. I will post more pictures when finish. Thanks again
  3. Gina2008

    Miniature dollhouse from Ebay

    This little dollhouse was bought on Ebay. Summer 2009
  4. Gina2008

    Our first dollhouse ever

    Mom bought this little dollhouse from a Lillian Vernon catalog. "She thought it was going to come already built". So I built it for her. This little house was built in 1990 at my parents house. I just had the chance to built it because right after I moved out of my parents. 19 years has passed by and I always wonder what happened to this little house. After my dad passed away last year, my mother came to live with us and I decided to get into this hobby with my mom. My brother's girlfriend Maggie one day cleaning up my parents house, found our first dollhouse ever. My brother sent it to us and here we are finishing up what we started 19 years ago.
  5. Gina2008


    Thank you!
  6. Gina2008


    Thank you Jeffrey! Actually, that was my mistake and like you said it worked well. ^_^
  7. Thank you Linda. I'm going to check it out! My brother is going to mail it to me in Fl. I can't wait!
  8. Hi everyone I'm very exited, because after many years and thought of it as lost or thrown away, my brother's girlfriend found my first dollhouse ever built. I'm needing some help finding out which dollhouse this is. Maybe someone with many years of miniaturist experience can help me decipher what dollhouse this is? I really thank you all ahead of time, for your feedback. Gina
  9. Lisa Thank you for sharing! Very interesting!
  10. Gina2008

    The Orchid

    More than beautiful! Wonderful Job! Love it!
  11. Gina2008

    Beacon Hill

    More than words ...... great floor!
  12. I really love this dinninroom!
  13. OMG! What an imagination! God Bless you for that!
  14. It looks great! I imagine it was hard to put this together!?!?!?!?!
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