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Hello, my name is Liza. I have been interested in miniatures for many years, but the spark grew to a flame in November 2008. At first I wanted to buy everything for my house to have it furnished NOW. Patience is something I lack sometimes! Now I absolutely love to try and make things myself. I find myself venturing into new territory every week - whether it be using a power tool, making a bed, or planning a story behind the dollhouse and the family that lives in it.

I have polycystic kidney disease, a progressive hereditary disease, to the state that I can't work, so I have been on disability for almost 6 years. This makes me tired more easily, but gives me time to enjoy my mini's and do what catches my fancy on any given day! And, much to my husband's dismay, I would love to have a whole streetscape of dollhouses and shops - that is a dream for me to pursue one house at a time!

P.S. I am slowly getting there as I now have 6 houses, two under construction, one a re-hab of a flea market find, one in a box, and one as plans. And my streetscape is now going to be a small town called Blossom Corner set in the 1900-1915 time period! My DH is definately a wonderful man and an enabler!

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