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  1. Oooh, Leslie, I like that color scheme! Re: Window mullions: The 550 kit includes very narrow strip wood that you cut and fit to the windows as you assemble them. I used some of it to make the acetate "glass" into panes, but I left some windows "open" and some the others I made "stained glass" with Sharpies. This is a house for a little girl, and her sassy princesses wanted some ooh-la-la--and some ways to sneak in and out of the house! In my Orchid build, I'm using drafting tape, which you can buy at art and craft stores. It comes in various colors and widths, and the 1/16" and 1/8
  2. Thank you so much for posting about this! I went to UNL and never heard about this collection. Next time I'm down in Lincoln I'm going to track it down.
  3. I'm glad I could help, William. I spent years tracking down a library book my father and I used to make my sister's dollhouse, which had come from the library and then sometime after we returned it, left the shelves forever. Finally found it a few years ago. Enjoy your books!
  4. The first one sounds a little like The Remember When Dollhouse, by Phyllis Jellison, but if the book you remember was written by a man, that's probably not it.
  5. OMG. You lovely people. I *do* have page 19, and thanks to Susie's post I looked at it again and I realized that little arrow imprinted on the wood by the arrow wasn't about the window, as I had assumed, but about orientation. (Which...why did I think that? WHO KNOWS!!) I flipped it around and voila! I have the right piece. I think it was your mention of magic! I know why it confused me--orienting it correctly for the build makes the wood grain run diagonally, and for some reason I assumed it would run up and down. Thanks to both Susie and Holly for chiming in and helping me get it
  6. Unfortunately, no. There is a 5 page parts list with diagrams, dimensions, and cross sections, which is wonderfully helpful, but nothing showing the full sheets of die-cut parts. The box had never been opened when I bought it two years ago, so I don't think it went missing, either. And if I cut the gable piece down to size the little window will be in the wrong spot, so now I'm thinking I may have to glue it back in and cut. Maybe once the rest of the walls are up so I can make sure it fits.
  7. I have continued to work on this, bit by bit (got most of my house reorganized during quarantine and have all kinds of spaces for crafting ). But I'm running into a question. The wall of the large gable, the one with the hexagonal window, is far bigger and a different shape on one side than what's in the directions, where there's a line drawing with a couple measurements. I was about to go through with just doing it as it was and seeing if I needed to alter it once I started putting the walls up. (I mean, if you've built this kit, the 550 in particular, you might know that a complete dry fit a
  8. One suggestion for glass: if the size works for you and you want real glass, you might look into microscope slides. Nasco has some here: https://www.enasco.com/p/Glass-Microscope-Slides%2BSA04464?searchText=microscope+slides. They also have some square glass covers if that shape works better.
  9. Hi from Wisconsin. We are under a Safer at Home order until the end of May; I'm working from home (museum educator) and revising plans for the summer every other day because we are still trying to figure out when it will be safe to open in some limited capacity. I personally won't think it's safe until we have a widely distributed vaccine, or at least comprehensive testing. I've used the extra time at home to work on a number of projects, including minis. I put together a Halloween stand from a kit, totally cleaned up and reorganized all my work and crafting spaces, did some cross stitch
  10. Thank goodness I'm not the only one!
  11. What a lovely thing to do for your wife! Ihad Velvet, Crissy's blonde...cousin? Sister? I loved that doll. I'm the oldest of 7 kids so I think it got handed down or given away, but I've occasionally checked on Ebay to see about replacing her. I haven't actually bought one yet.
  12. Okay, I started an album for this build; had to work around the vagaries of the interface here and managed to upload the picture of my niece twice...can't seem to delete the extra one. I'll keep working on it. Anyway, all that's in there now are some pictures of the books I'm making for the library and the papers and do-dads I got yesterday for interior decoration. I thought I'd snapped some pictures of the foundation and walls but I can't find them yet, so I'll do that when I'm able to start painting. That'll have to wait until I get my basement guest room, and laundry/craft space o
  13. I bought a DuraCraft San Franciscan 550 for $60 from a thrift store, all because of the tower. I'm building it with and for my niece.
  14. Hi John--yes, I do plan to start an album. Right now I have the wall panels and the foundation glued together, nothing too spectacular. One thing I noticed when "building" the wall panels, which was a reminder from waaaaay back when I started the Heritage: it is really, really, surprisingly easy to turn one of those panels upside down as you're gluing them together. I nearly did it once about halfway through and I started triple checking. To make the panels straight as I glued, I lined them up against/within a T-square. And re-lined them up over and over again. I held them t
  15. Wow, Barbara, I can't believe that's a dumpster rescue! Thanks for the inspiring pictures!
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