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  1. Kat, I have not done b&b am wondering if tou could not use balsa. I had a lot of pieces varying thicknnesses that were left overs from my sons model aircraft building days. They are also in different lengths. I have found them very usefull when I was fitting out the interior rooms of my Orchid build. Only a suggestion!
  2. Gina, Does this take place in December, Fri 13th?????
  3. Amazing work! I would like your permission to share your duplicator with my partner, He recently pulled out his router that has been sitting on a shelf in a box and has set it up to use, He is always talking to me about what you can do with a plotter and I guess this is much the same, At present I am visiting family in Houston and will not be back in Aus for a couple of weeks, Thank you so much for shareing your ideas
  4. Hi Thomas, What a lovely building, lots of character, I agree Holly - rehab! Kathie, I hope what you said about Aquarians is not true as I really want to continue on with my Orchid (making the furnishings etc) I have put it aside though choosing to press on with other projects to get ready for our "Dabblers" exhibition which opened last night and will be on display for a month in our local library. i have put The Orchid in as an ongoing project! I am flying over to Houston for a month on the 3rd so will hopefully be continuing on with the grand daughters dollhouse tha
  5. Thank you, their out of my scrapbooking collection!
  6. Welcome Shawn from another Orchid builder!
  7. Welcome Andrea, Your quite right, a nice bunch of people here, interesting, interested and helpful! Looking fowardto your posstings and pic's
  8. I have bought Avon, Tupperware and Hobbytex, but on my terms, if I need and as I needed. Oh and more recently I have attended a "Postie" party advising the hostess that I was in no way able to be able to purchase any clothing. While I was living in PNG I did take on being a Hobbytex distributor as there was a group of us that found the hobby relaxing and a good way to come together and share a common interest. We needed access to product so I stepped up. I still have my kit and resurect it occasionally for a job that needs a bitof colour. I hate feeling pressured by anyone, so do not/would not
  9. Welcome katherine, There seem to be quite a few newbe's here that are working on the "Orchid" so plenty of comments and advice and like Holly said the two "Blogs". I started my Orchid end June and hace completed the build now working on the intereior.Soooo much fun! Looking foward to your further posts and pic's
  10. Tuppynme


    Hi kat, I was just thinking the same and actually went over to my Orchid and turned the bed around tosee what it would look like Do away with the bed head and use the height of the window ledge to set the height of the bed, not much difference i don't think.Shorten the length of the bed base as part will be set into the gable window. Interesting. I will wait and asee what you girls do! there seems to be a bit more floor space!
  11. Thats a beautiful piece! I am sure you are very proud of it! I don't think my eyesight would allow me to do anything that intricate any more,maybe 30 years ago i could have taken on a challenge like that. Congratulations! Gail
  12. Welcome Nicole and LJ' Yes this site is a lot of fun and has lots of interesting useful comments. I try to check in regular so I don't miss anything! Looking foward to the pic's! Gail
  13. Sarah, I had been looking on a site called 'Tom Thumbs Minature Emporium' The dolls were not too pricy and the advantage for me wasit is an Australian co. Like Leanne and Holly I am going to attempt making my dolls. I have gone thru my doll collection and found a couple of porceline dolls I put together years ago and have found a couple that were given to me and I am going to try to re dress them. The hardest part will be getting the hats un glued without pulling the hair out, lol. There are lots of sites online that will walk u thru the process of creating your own very special dolls. One
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