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  1. Please remove my membership here. To many of you, I'll miss you.
  2. My comments have been deleted. Bye-bye!!
  3. I just had to drop by and repeat Roy's comment on animals in the house, bed, whatever. His comment was 'What if Mary had taken one look at the manger and said 'I'm not laying down there with animals!'?
  4. Sherry

    Ceedie Hotel

    A once stylish, now slightly rundown hotel. RGT Franklin Street kit.
  5. Not the same chow chow we have down here, isn't that odd? Ours is mostly green tomatoes. My grandmother made it all the time and her family was from N Carolina! Maybe she learned it after she moved to Texas. It did have some cabbage in it, but mainly green tomatoes, peppers, and onions. And it isn't soaked in brine, just boiled and sealed in hot mason jars. it's all the bell peppers that make it sweet, I think.
  6. That is really a unique dollhouse and fits the loom beautifully!
  7. What makes me mad is when you return a product to the store and they put it back on the shelf! I buy a boutique type of coffee, that comes with a replaceable lid and an inner seal. I got a can home and realized the inner seal had been half torn off...visions of some kind of sabotage, there. Anyway, I took it back to the store and showed them what had happened, and they gave me another can. Imagine my surprise two weeks later when I bought another can, and after taking the lid off, realized it was the same can I had returned! I did call them back and tell them what I thought about it!
  8. For years we had Weimaraners, who lived in the house most of the time. The last one, which DS1 still has, used to pull at Larry's arm at night, to get Larry to let him out in the yard. As soon as Larry got out of bed, Merlin would jump into his spot and have to be pulled out. He would use the same trick, to get in the easy chair, also. He had a nice furry bed....never did wear it out, though. It's hard to get a 90 lb dog out of an easy chair. LOL!
  9. I've seen her, she's gorgeous! A perfect British matron. Got the second floor primed, the hallway floored and papered, and started on the door in the dividing wall. That's it for now-back to work tomorrow!
  10. Down here, what we consider chow chow is chopped green tomatoes with onion and some pepper, a mild version of a green picante sauce. Tamales are more involved. you cook your ground meat, usually pork or beef.. Then you take the meat drippings and mix with masa flour, oil, seasonings, etc, and spread the mix over a steamed until soft corn shuck. Then you put a spoonful of meat on it, roll it up, and steam the wrapped tamale. They are loads of work to make, and fantastic to eat!
  11. You can get a laptop for 500 or less, nowadays. Small screens but larger than a phone and would do what you need. I would never have a PC again, spoiled to laptops!
  12. Pretty day here, today. Not too cold, bright and sunny! This is our last day off, so Colten is here with me. I ought to be doing the last of my chores, but I'm not. Mini a bit, play with legos a bit. I've got to go to the bank and to Home Depot to pick up some more paint this afternoon. Then I'll have to do nails, pluck eyebrows, clean the paint off my elbows and behind my ears, and get ready for the routine to begin again!
  13. Beds turned out to be a waste of money for us. One dog sleeps in the big chair next to me, one on the ottoman by my feet, and Abby on the top of the back cushion so I can listen to her snore in my ear. Nightime is two dogs at the foot of the bed and Abby on my chest ready to pat my face until I wake up, when she's ready to eat in the morning!
  14. Those little house puzzles are not quarter scale, not really any scale. But they are the ideal size for playhouses for the kids in a 1/12 size house. Make a little kitchen and table in kid size, paint it up cute, and it will look adorable in the yard!
  15. No school today, so Colten and I are playing. He's been drawing and playing with legos. I am working on the second floor. Since hallways are so narrow, I just floored up to the line where the wall will fit, primed the walls, and am making the landing rails. When the space is papered, trimmed, and finished up to that line, I'll do that wall, door and all, and then install it. that gives so much more room to get around and do things! Then I will do the hotel room on the other side of the wall. Once the walls are up, only skinny dolls can get down that hall!
  16. Which part are you having trouble fitting? Maybe one of us can help.
  17. Sorry you're feeling so bad, Jeremy! I know what that's like. With all the dust and wind here this winter, my asthma stays bad most of the time. When the wind blows, I keep my inhaler close! Jerri, There are several Rosa's, now. And they are always crowded! The bottom floor of the hotel is pretty much done now. I am going to prime the second floor today and start laying flooring there.
  18. I've never seen a real mechanized snow shovel south of Sunray, and don't want to live where they are necessary! So, do you think you'll ever move home? Lubbock has changed a lot and continues to grow..and grow. What 50th St used to be, 82nd St now is. They just keep moving south, southwest with the building.
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