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  1. Sherry

    Ceedie Hotel

    A once stylish, now slightly rundown hotel. RGT Franklin Street kit.
  2. You can get a laptop for 500 or less, nowadays. Small screens but larger than a phone and would do what you need. I would never have a PC again, spoiled to laptops!
  3. Pretty day here, today. Not too cold, bright and sunny! This is our last day off, so Colten is here with me. I ought to be doing the last of my chores, but I'm not. Mini a bit, play with legos a bit. I've got to go to the bank and to Home Depot to pick up some more paint this afternoon. Then I'll have to do nails, pluck eyebrows, clean the paint off my elbows and behind my ears, and get ready for the routine to begin again!
  4. Sherry

    Paneling is done

    We have starting aging, yet! Give it time..lol!
  5. Sherry

    Paneling is done

    You're right, Lyssa. I know it will, but it sure looks blah right now!
  6. Abby loves the computer. She likes to watch the letters pop up, she likes to lay on the keyboard, and sometimes even types..usually eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  7. No cleaning here! I scrubbed this house top to bottom last Sunday-baseboards and cabinets scrubbed, everything dusted or washed, put up, and beautified before the kids came down. After they left, I put up all the legos, crayons, kid movies, sleeping bags and air beds. I'm doing all the linens that need washed now...but no cleaning today!
  8. Sunny here, but no wind blowing for a change! I woke up at 3:30, so I started a pork roast with onions and apple jelly, a big pot of black eyed peas for luck, and started laundry. Worked on Franklin a little bit, but trying to keep the mess in the kitchen under control. Everyone is coming over here to eat after the game. So I have the cabbage chopped (prosperity), and the corn bread fixings ready, as soon as they call and say the game is over. Then I believe I'll be through for today!. I did all that, Larry can clean up after!
  9. We ventured out in the 'breeze' to get groceries and stair rails. It is sooo cold! That should be my last trip out of the house for today. I'm going to do laundry, work on Franklin, and nap!
  10. Everyone has gone home now. It's so quiet after kids running all over the place for 2 days! I could clean up the mess, I guess. But I'm going to take tomorrow for my mini day. Then maybe on Saturday I'll do laundry and cook a pot of black eyed peas for good luck....while I mini!
  11. Just go buy a silky, slinky blouse to go with the pants-something you can cut up to make drapes and bedding later! We have a houseful of grandkids today! Off to the mall for exercise and to use their B&N gift cards, then we'll take the whole crowd out for Mexican food tonight.
  12. Kansas kids are here, and so is Colten. We will play all day. Then tonite, we're taking both sets of kids and grandkids to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner. No minis today, but a wonderful visit planned!
  13. Jeremy, it just keeps getting better. The ceiling is perfect that color, by the way! Dark would not have had the same impact. A true museum quality piece!
  14. thank you, ladies! I'm having fun doing something a little fancy, after the trading post!
  15. Thank you! No, it's the faux door that will go on the wall behind the lobby desk. It'll have a sign on it that says 'office'.
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