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  1. has anyone made a scene in a matchbox? i am very interested in attempting this. just curious to see if anyone has any pointers and/or pictures...thank you,debbie
  2. i have a dollhouuse room. it's actually a spare bedroom. i have 4 houses in there, one in my foyer, one in granddaughters bedroom when she stays over and 2 or 3 hidden from my husband in the basement!
  3. i'm obsessed too! i can't stop buying minis. i have 8 dollhouses (i don't build them but refurbish them. i get them from thrift shops,garage sales and ebay) i am on craigslist and ebay hours every day looking for great deals for furniture and accessories. i also make my own. always looking for things to use for minis. i have many magazines and books. (another great craigs list deal,don't ask!) i go through magazines and books all of the time! i have 2 dollhouse rooms (spare bedrooms that aren't being used) and 3 closets full of mini stuff. i wake up at 3 a.m. just about daily and i'm right on the computer looking and obsessing! we are nuts!!!! lol
  4. i remember when i was a little girl (about 45 years ago) i used to buy these for my mom and dad for gifts....mothers day,birthday,fathers day. i will have to ask them if they still have them. i am sure they do as they save everything from the kids.
  5. i live in ny. several years ago,my husband bought me a house off of ebay from kansas. it was send by greyhouse bus. was cheaper than paying for the shipping and the house arrived in perfect shape. just a fyi. btw, i love your houses.
  6. where do you find these tiny houses? i seems to "collect" dollhouses. i get them at flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores, craigs list... they seems to find me. and i can't say no! anyhow, i have so many of them that i end up hiding them on my dh! i'm thinking i would like to give 1:24 scale a try.
  7. andrea, how is the wheelchair coming? make sure you post pictures.....
  8. thanks for your display. i have 8 houses. 3 are in my "dollhouse room," three are in my granddaughters room and 2 are in the rec room. sometimes i buy them and hide them on my husband. LOL! and believe it or not,he doesn't notice when i slip one in! i don't build the houses but refurbish and decorate them.
  9. andrea, so glad you might be able to use it. i have so many old dollhouse/miniature magazines. some of the things are dated. but i just can't seem to throw them away! (never know when you might need something!!) please post pic when you complete wheelchair...debbie
  10. hi, i have instructions on how to make a wheelchair from an article in Nutshell News. if you want to email me your address, i will send them out for you today. (i knew there must have been a reason for me to save this article!) have the best day. debbie. dhuddle1@stny.rr.com
  11. i LOVE it!!! did you use polymer clay? great job!
  12. i love my minis...i don't like to build dollhouses from scratch but i will refurbish. i don't make furnature. but i love to make food and accessories. i love printies. and my polymer clay. i like to print out a box for donuts and put donuts into it. or a cakebox for a cake. i love to search of teeny items and see what i can make from them. or make tiny shirts and shoes. what do you like to do?
  13. heidii, i too have gotten several dollhouses on freecycle...and i also think, "oh my gosh,what is rick going to say!" i was laughing so hard when i read your post because i do the exact same thing. i look on freecycle a couple of times a day. every once in a while, something comes up. when i respond, i tell them can pick up IMMEDIATELY!! i leave my cell phone number and email address so they can reach me.
  14. i have a dollhouse that i am in love with. my husband got it for me for christmas last year. it was shipped via greyhound bus from kansas to new york! that's how much i love it!) i love everything about this house except for the fact that the previous owner put down ugly green felt for a rug on the second floor bedroom. how do i remove it?. it is glued down. thanks
  15. i am on ebay all of the time. i have never seen such beautiful pieces. maybe i am looking in the wrong spot. i go under dollhouse and then select dollhouse miniature. BEAUTIFUL!
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