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  1. Our trip that my wonderful husband did for me of course we went to the baseball hall of fame too!!
  2. Lyn

    Riley James

    Our newest addition to our LARGE family!! Riley arrived on 2/2/2010 weighing 7pounds 9 ounces and 20 1/4 inches long.
  3. I dont rember when I posted last at all it has been that long. Things are going great. I had my last baby on Feburary 2 ,2010 and his name is Riley James he is wonderful. The older kids are great as well and life couldnt be better. I couldnt put Riley in daycare and quit my job to be home with the kids. The girls and I are going to be working on houses this summer since it has been awhile and lately I have been getting the houses out and getting back into the groove of mining. Iam sure I will be asking a million questions. Here is a picture of Riley.
  4. Today I was suppose to go to work but I had to call in because I have a huge screw or something stuck in my back tire on the van atleast I made it to get the girls off to school and then back home. Iam a bit upset over this because it is the same tire I got a screw in on Saturday and then had that fixed now again. I guess I will be getting new tires today for the van. I decided seeing the kids only have 1 more day of school left and there are some toys that dont get played with anymore will be bagged up and ready for my boyfirends mothers yard sale this weekend. I might even start working on t
  5. I havent had alot of time check things out on here in a long time till tonight. My house has been VERY busy between the kids activites and gymnasstics competions that are almost over with. The kids are getting ready to wind down school. Iam looking to be buying a house found a 1888 farmhouse I would like to own but we will see. we got preapprovedfor the loan already. Then come the summer festivites of CAMPING I cant wait. That is really all I have been up to lately and working my other half has been working alot of werid hours but that is life with a truck driver. I will keep you posted on t
  6. I have been pretty busy the last few weeks and havent had time to post alot but I have been reading things here and there on here when I get a few extra minutes. My daughter has gone into gymnastics competion mode and have been very busy she has placed very well and has brought home 4 medels so far not bad for her first year competing. I havent had alot of time playing with houses but I have a idea for a roombox for my daughters coach now only to find the time to get it together and things. The other kids have also kept me very busy with there activites as well. I just wanted to stop in and sa
  7. Congrats Muriel on your engagement. Today Iam takeing care of sick family members wish everyone would just kick there bugs and stay healthy. I have laundry to wash today and other house work that needs to be done. I really want to just sit and mini all day but havent done that in a very long time. I have the glencroft telling me what it wants to be its words are getting luder each and everyday I tell that house that it will tinme soon not sure when but it will happen.
  8. Today it is very cold only 4 degrees here. I have today off from work not by choice though Drs orders I came down with a sinus infection and the start of phounmoina(sp) Iam thinking of getting out my min stuff the Gelncroft is being very impatient and telling me what it wants so I might start that we will see though. Other then that Iam just trying to stay warm.
  9. My days weeks go by so fast any more that I dont even have time to think! The girls have swim lessons and gymnastics 2 a week on top of work. I havent had any time to get my minis out but Iam hopeing soon. I have been trying to re organize my small 3 bedroom apartment to accomadate my family of 6 now and that is a quite the work out. That is what I have been up to on top of working full time as well.
  10. Today I have to go to work gonna be along day today. Today is also my daughters birthday the BIG 10. The kids are as ready as were gonna get to start school. That is is about it for me.
  11. Today I have alot of housework to get done and finish getting the kids last things to start school. I went last night after work to get the kids there school shoes and had the very nice gentleman at the shoe store measure my sons foot and he is ONLY 13 and wears a size 8 in MENS shoes but he did find a nice pair at Kohls that didnt cost me a arm and a leg. Rebecca my almost 10 year old has been very sick with phoumonia(sp) but is getting better. Basically we are gonna stay home for once and Iam hopeing to get alot accomplished in my house today.
  12. Lyn


    Vaction pics of the summer
  13. Lyn


  14. Hello Everyone I havent been online too much lately been VERY busy between work 4 kids animals and vactions. We had a blast at Darien lake and stayed a extra day. Iam trying to get the house work caught up but that is endless. I have been very busy at work with the kids starting back to college and then I have to get my 4 ready to go back to school soon. I havent really had too much time to work on any dollhouse stuff this summer seeing my apartment is getting crowded my boyfriend and his daughter have practically moved in so things are great there. Next week I work 3 days and then back on vac
  15. I havent posted to this thread in awhile seeing I havent had alot of computer time between the kids and all of our little mini vactions we have planned for this summer and the usual life things working and all of the above. Iam currently going on 9 days straight of working without a day off and this wednesday we are leaveing to go camping at Darien Lake the kids are very excited so am I. During July 4 we went camping and we had a blast! I also bought a new digital camera but havent figured out how to get the pictures on my computer yet. I took some really nice picutres(will post link to them s
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