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  1. LMAO...oh..eBay, I can buy 6060606060 different bongs from China up there but a dollhouse listing scares them, yep, can do that right now.
  2. So, I live in a tiny house. Like, literally. It's 280 square feet. It's a vintage travel trailer from the 50s. I do have my old trailer, which I use mainly for storage, where I'm currently purging, with the goal of eventually getting everything down so that eventually, life can be lived in under 700 square feet. But it brings up interesting issues when you're working with dollhouses. What takes up not much room in the world of tiny, can take up a ton of space in the world of tiny houses. And I'm building an apartment ;) The majority of the build took place in my tiny house,
  3. jaie

    Beams Beams Beams

    There's 20 years of dreams being shoved into this, all at once it feels like, at times.
  4. No, THANK YOU! One of the plans for my shops is a dispensary, you weren't the only one doing that idea, but you're one of the best, and in 1/12 scale was just such a find for me when searching, most of these when they're done at all, are in playscale, which I love, but I'm working in 1/12! I do understand about moving on, but when you do another dispensary, I am going to be following you like a love interest. You really pulled out all the stops on that project and I can only imagine a second one would be even more fantastic. Good luck.
  5. I thought I recognized that RGT ranch, I have your dispensary pinned to my Pinterest as inspiration for one of the shops in my apartment. I'm sorry to see you dismantled it, but I wish you good luck on dispersing your collection.
  6. jaie

    Beams Beams Beams

    So, last night, before heading to bed, I put the last "beam" onto the ceiling of the 4 shops on my apartment building. From here, it's going to be building each apartment, onwards, and upwards! It finally starts to really look like a building, I cannot wait to get that first apartment put together, since there's to be 4, I haven't decided yet if I'm just going to build all the walls I need as I go, or build each apartment on its own. Both methods have an appeal. Just that building one will give instant gratification. Right now, when it comes to the apartments, I'm building no
  7. jaie

    Johnson Towers 2

    So, this weekend I was working on Johnson Towers and I've been having the occasional structure frustration. Until the ceiling joists are in, the shops are a tad on the fragile side. But, I did manage to get the inner walls done, and dry fitted. I've since this picture glued the furthest inner wall, and I'm currently re-gluing some other walls to be a bit stronger. Other than that, I've had decent progress. I was able to order a bundle of 3/8" square dowels off Amazon, the best deal I've found yet, 50 36" long dowels, when before, I was getting then in bundles of 15 at 24" long, and t
  8. A friend of mine who is local and will be helping me with some of the furnishing of the apartment dollhouse and I were having a bit of a chat. And I mentioned that I wanted to add an infinity pool to the top of the apartment building. She felt it was too much. So, when you're building a 6 story apartment building, complete with basement, an operating elevator, shops, and apartments, when do you cross the line of "no no, that's just too much". I don't think you can. The line is a lie.
  9. I have to give a vote to Meirucorp. It's what I consider "mid range" luxury, nice, but not always bank breaking, you're paying a bit more than say a dollar store couch but you're getting some nice detail and quality. Little lower than Bespaq but still nice.
  10. Technology is amazing these days, even in hand crafts like these, first thing I thought on seeing that microscope was, "I wonder what size micro camera would fit that". I've seen some antique working miniatures in my time that blow you away with how advanced they are, and if you're a fan of Youtube, "Lucky Penny Shop" often shows working modern miniatures, there's a couple of others as well who occasionally do antique pieces. Grand Illusions on Youtube is also amazing to watch for working miniatures. And as we get more and more tech, I expect to see more working miniatures, I've seen working
  11. If you can, why would you not? For some of us into miniatures, the working ones are the most charming.
  12. jaie

    Galaxy 8

    Last count I think I have 4 here, one apartment is going to be as much of my PP collection as I can shove in there.
  13. So, I've wanted to build this building for years. When I finally grabbed a set of plans after years of searching, I was thrilled. I'm basically building this on a budget. When I've got money, I pick up parts. One of the reasons I really like this plan, is because it uses 3/8" square wood, and the levels are done one at a time, in sections that you then stack. So not being able to afford an entire front wall, isn't a thing. I can take my time, build a section, and when I can, build the next section. Each section takes around 50 strips or so, and each bundle of 15 is around $12(on sale
  14. jaie

    Galaxy 8

    Well, you know, it's just a small sign of the plans I have for the building involving Raspberry Pi ;) gotta run the lights and elevator somehow.
  15. I haven't been feeling great, but tonight I finally got some time and energy to work on a phone, these are going into the apartment building. Along with the Petite Princess stuff in the pictures.
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