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  1. It looks really graet, wilma
  2. Good Morning everyone, I ust have posted foto's of my Emerson Row on the net, and wanted my minifriends to see, enjoy your day, I will cause al my children are coming to dinner, its our 28 th weddinganniversary, http://community.webshots.com/user/wilmamaria
  3. they are all so amazing, my compliments, wilmamaria
  4. Happy to see someone build the Emerson Row also, I dont know how to get my pictures on this side but I will as soon as it is possible, groetjes, wilmamaria
  5. love the little blocks in front, very nice for a baby this room!!! wilmamaria
  6. this is so grate!!!!!!!!
  7. I would like to introduce myself to this miniloving family, my name is Wilma (wilmamaria will do also) I am almost 49, born in Holland, 2 daughters 26 and 23 who are not living at home for a while now, loving husband who is a teacher in physics, and I am a cook, working in a restaurant with disabled people whom we learn to cook and wait on tables. Have started on minis as a therapy feeling kind of sorry for myself about 10 years ago and have 5 dollshouses( also a Pierce and n Emerson Row) on wich I am working and rebuilding all my spare time. whenever I am off work I shal try to che
  8. I started my very first kit wich was realy cheap when I came to the point that my 2 daughters went to high school, were out all day, my husband was very busy with his own firm, I had no job at that time and felt really sorry for my self being home all alone, I litterary through my self in the miniworld. Saw a dollshouse and was completely sold. And have felt really good about myself and the world ever since, it was like a therapy I think, but a nice one. I try to make everything my self, because I dont have much money to spent on my hobby. The world could be so much nicer if everyone was
  9. Hi, I am Wilma (also known as wilmamaria) from Holland, are there among you minilovers building the Emerson Row? then I would be happy to see there progres. wilmamaria
  10. I have build the Pierce from Greenleaf in about 3 weeks because it had to be build on the kitchentable and we had to eat with plates on our laps, I added a new piece on the right side where I put in the stairs. I would like to show my pictures but I have no acces to a album I think. I have really enjoid the building part and wish you the same happy hours. wilmamaria
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