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  1. wytchy


    thank you!
  2. wytchy

    Beacon Hill

    Pictures of the progress of building my Beacon Hill
  3. There are lots of tutorials to be found on youtube. Look for "How to make miniature books" by The Square to Spare. That is quite a good one I tried copying the link but then it puts the whole film here. Good luck..
  4. Hi all once again from the Netherlands Long time since I have used this forum. Through all sorts of circumstances I havent been that active in the dollshouse world. But now I've started up activities again and enjoying catching up with this forum. Think I will update my gallery with some recent photo's soon. Regards, Louise
  5. wytchy


    Love this photograph with the reflections in the mirror..
  6. wytchy

    Ghost bride

    She is hauntingly beautiful
  7. Life in 3D.. love the scene!
  8. wytchy

    Impatiens urn

    Doll house tv? I have to find that.. Your impatiens is beautiful...
  9. wytchy


    Perfect..... How did you age the pitcher? I love the colours in it..
  10. wytchy


    Ha ha.. I wish I knew them all... But it's getting there...
  11. wytchy

    Ticket Counter

    I hadnt seen this one before... This is wonderful.. I love oldy worldy early nineteenth century railroads..
  12. wytchy

    Spring Fling 2013

    This is such a fun shop to look at.. makes me want to go in and look at the wonderful antiques......
  13. wytchy

    M - Don't Sell It!

    Like the story and the build.. well done!
  14. wytchy

    finished exterior

    Love the architecture......
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