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    Dollhouse miniatures - I've done work in 1:12 scale, 1:48 and 1:144, my cats, reading (especially miniatures), embroidery, healthy eating, walking, and my granddaughters (age 16 and 13) and good friends.

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  1. We collect clocks: grandfather, mantle, wall clocks. I think we have about 31. We're not big fans of daylight savings time.
  2. Missymew

    Two room room box

    My back is getting sore, so I'll have to take some more photos (I'll delete some of these later) and take more photos with the plexiglass taken off. Darn, I wish I had more energy.
  3. Missymew

    Two Room Roombox

    Darn, once again reflection from our windows through plexi-glass.
  4. Missymew

    Two Room Roombox

    Just noticed, should have taken the plexi-glass front cover off. There's a reflection.
  5. Missymew

    Two Room Roombox

    There was a member on this site several years ago who built these room boxes. They are completely enclosed with a plexi-glass front that slides into place. Underneath is a drawer where Ray has hidden the electrical panel and where I've stored items for changing in my scenes.
  6. BTW, I'll have to look up the artisan that made the tinker toy models. The windmill really turns when you blow on it.
  7. Missymew

    Five sided diorama

    This diorama/roombox fits nicely on our China Cabinet.
  8. Today, I cleared out a few more boxes of miniatures (food items). Ray has cleared drawers for me to put my mini food items in that are near to my dollhouses and room boxes so that I can change out. I've also been listing some dolls on Ebay. I have so many. Now I'm taking a few photos and posting them here on Greenleaf to show some of the projects I've been working on. I've also finally (yesterday) cut the final string to the ties to my birth family (excluding my one brother Kevin). Its always been he and I. We were raised in an abusive household and I still have nightmares of being back
  9. Missymew

    Beacon Hill 2014

    Ray upgraded the old lighting system that my dad installed in 1994 when he built the dollhouse.
  10. Missymew has her own bed and bedroom (and insists on her pink blanket). When it needs washing, we had to buy an identical blanket or she would not accept it. She also likes her plashes on the bed and in the background is a cat tree for her to look out the window. She has a footstool that she uses to get up and down from the bed.
  11. Finally resting in her bed.
  12. Missymew

    Living Room Floor

    I've several of these dolls from an artisan who did (might still) sell on Ebay. I'd have to research to find her name. Its their facial expressions and poses that attracted me. The toys are metal and extremely well made. Unfortunately, I didn't make records of my purchases as I used to have an excellent memory. Unfortunately, Graves Disease has robbed me of my recall. I struggle with this loss every day. I shopped, not only Ebay, but International sellers/artisans.
  13. Missymew

    lounge 3

    I'm so enjoying the photos of your completed Beacon Hill. My dad built mine for me in 1994, and since then my husband has re-wired and I've refurnished. I'll update my BH photo album soon. You've done a simply smashing job on this beautiful house.
  14. Missymew

    Halloween Scenes

    Made for my Granddaughters
  15. Missymew


    I daren't let my husband know that I've grown very fond of my miniature English Sheep Dogs. So much so, that I've been watching Youtube videos of real life English Sheep Dogs. Now we all know where that can lead ........
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