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  1. jenspec

    Greenleaf Town

    I bought a couple of these so I am making a pink town and a haunted one.
  2. jenspec

    The Lafayette- A Mouse's House

    Ms. Mouse is getting a new home. It was going to be a fairy house but I don't own any fairy dolls and well... I like mice. Dedicated to Beatrix Potter.
  3. This will take a lot of bashing but i hope it will look like an old rundown house from Detroit, my hometown.
  4. jenspec

    My First Dollhouse. From 1974

    I received this on 12-24-14. My Grandfather made this over 40 years ago. It is for my nieces and me.
  5. jenspec

    Creatin' Contest.

    "DREAMS" For this piece, I was inspired by my own dreams and nightmares as a small child. When I first saw the dollhouse kit, the garage door struck me as a kind of portal to another dimension, so that detail sparked the entire concept. I think of good and bad dreams as equally compelling, and I wanted to conjure the power of both. ICompleted 12/12/14
  6. Well..I've been wanting this 1:6 Scale dollhouse for a while now. I finally got it. It is a behemoth. I think it's too big. I still love it though (my husband- not so much.). It's going to take some re arranging in the studio. I have so much to do with it. While it seems really finished I am having a hard time with the wallpaper and shinyness of everything.
  7. jenspec

    The Van Burens

    I made a 1:24. Now onto the 1:12. "Part of a set of four Presidential Named Houses.This is the Van Buren, made by the Greenleaf Steel Rule and Die Corporation of Schenevus , N.Y. Number 8005, 1979."
  8. jenspec

    My RL Studio

    I feel like a hoarder a bit but here is the place where I work.
  9. jenspec

    Green Cottage

    The Mouse in This House Makes Breads and Cakes. She Only Sleeps Sometimes. For Yuuki.
  10. jenspec

    Bespaq Dutch Baby House

    This is literally a tiny project I am starting. It will eventually become the interface for a new jen-spec-industries.com.
  11. jenspec

    The Buttercup

    This is the first dollhouse I built. It will go now to a little girl who will love & play with it more.
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