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  1. marilo

    Tiny dragon

    Yes I did make it of polymere clay
  2. marilo

    Wizards Home

    A roombox for a wizard
  3. marilo

    Bamboo table runner

    Very nice. I;m going to look for it in Holland too.
  4. marilo

    DSCN7352 (800x562)

    Ooooo I might steal your idea for rooftiles one day... thank you
  5. marilo

    SF Details

    *blub* Sorry, I nearly drowned in the water coming out of my mouth...
  6. marilo

    Mischievous Horde?

    Love love love them.
  7. And it turned out really well! Love your kitchen
  8. marilo

    Spring Fling 2013

    It looks so nice, I'd like to discover this alley, while wandrering through an old little town.
  9. marilo


    beautiful colors!
  10. marilo

    Home-made mini's

    Mini's I made myself... Sometimes using a kit, sometimes doing it all by myself
  11. marilo

    Beacon Hill

    This house has been on my wish list for years
  12. marilo

    foto queen anne huis

    Thanks everyone. Most of it I made, sometimes with kits. SDK has the most wonderful 1:144 furniture kits. But most of the things I just made...
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