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  1. My fall/winter project while my husband is deployed is to create a Pixie Hollow like build for these adorable little fairies.
  2. Thanks! That's exactly the size illusion I was going for!!
  3. The auction still has a day and a half, but no one has bid against me (knock on wood!) so hopefully it will be mine in a few days. Thanks for the encouragement. :welcome:
  4. Hey All, I am bidding on a 1978 SW Crafts Fantasy Island Dollhouse. The seller says she thinks all the pieces are there, but it doesn't have instructions. It seems simple enough to build without and I plan to bash anyway. Does anyone have any experience with this house? I saw a couple pics in the gallery. Does anyone happen to have a set of instructions? Is the house 1:12? Thanks in advance, Andi
  5. andrea_burgess


    Hey! I just bid on this house on Ebay, I was curious if it is 1:12 or smaller? Thanks in advance. I love the house, you did a great job.
  6. andrea_burgess


    I love the staircase. I'm excited to see how you fix it up.
  7. So, so creative. I love it!!! How did you come up with the idea? Great work.
  8. That is a perfect "Pa". Great work to the artist.
  9. You'll laugh when I tell you. I painted the background a light gray, then I took the window frame that came with the kit, laid it done, painted in the hole and went down the line.
  10. Life took over and my spring fling was never fully flung. Here are some pics of the progress. I will continue working on it.
  11. andrea_burgess


    Oh I love it!!! Very creative. I'm working on the Newburg as well, it always amazes me how different the same house can look.
  12. Great idea! The Coventry Cottage was my first house as well. I wasn't too fond of the flat porch roof, so I'm glad you've come up with a way to utilize it. Way to go.
  13. I bought this house on Ebay in the box with all the pieces. It was very brittle to start, but I fell in love with it as soon as the shell was together. I have plans to turn it into a Victorian Farmhouse I lived in while growing up.
  14. Someone brought the fact that I haven't updated my albums of my old houses to my attention, so here is my work on the Coventry Cottage. I am about to revamp the whole inside. So I will definitely update more often. I was a little shy in the beginning! My husband is rehabbing this house, it is almost unrecognizable, but it is coming along great.
  15. Do you like the upside down bay window? It is fixed now! LOL
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