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  1. Just went to hobbylobby.com to print out the new sales ad and you can shop online now!!! I have a hobby Lobby in my town but now even if you dont have one near you at least you can shop online.
  2. I am from Casper...We still need to get together No time to do anything lately.
  3. Hobby Lobby has them also. I bought a few packs awhile back and I think that's what I'll use them for, now if only I can remember where I put them...! Thanks!
  4. ooo, good call on the Monopoly game pieces. I will use those! Thanks
  5. Debra, that looks spectacular! That's exactly what I was talkin about.
  6. Some tourist places sell those cast iron pencil sharpeners. They have a sewing machine, a fan, and a couple different types of stoves, ranges. Some are scaled for 1" but most aren't. They sell for around $5.00 each and most have moving parts, doors open, blades and wheels turn. Great ideas from all of you, keep 'em coming! If you have found a free/cheap item to use in your dollhouse(s) please share!
  7. With the economy in the toilets, I want to pass on some easy ways to do a dollhouse cheaper. If you are lucky enough to have a Sherwin-Williams in or around your town stop in on the first day of the month. Most GIVE away their old-outdated wallpaper sample books. I went in and got three. Also they have the "expiration" dates on the inside back cover so if there is a certain book you want, make a note of the month. This is making a positive out of the economy. Many home decorators, contractors and remodeling companies are going out of business. Go see what they have in their shops. I was able to pick up whole racks of formica and floor tile samples for $5. I have thousands of tiles to use for floors, faux marble, cement, wood cabinets...it could be endless. Even if they are in business, grab a few samples and see what can be done with them. If anyone has found something free/cheap for their dollhouses, please share. I love a bargain and a free one is the best!
  8. They have been talking about it in Wyoming, where I live. You might be surprised to learn that we were the last state to raise our drinking age, the federal government threatened to take away our highway funding. I am a mother of 3, one teenager and the others are younger. I am ALL FOR the drinking age to be lowered. In wyoming we had FEWER alcohol related crashes and deaths when our drinking age was 18. The biggest reason for that being at that age, chances are you're still in the same town that you went to high school at. You still know people, people who you can call for a ride...People who know you and your parents...You haven't left home and that means Mom and Dad are still in control. At 21 years of age most of them are in college -a place where the people excpect you to be irresponsible and the friends you make there are more like pals, you have your drinking buddies and your study groups but most people don't keep the friends they make at college. I do think, in Wyoming, the drinking age should be lowered. We are a little backwards but I wouldn't have it any other way...
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